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20 down, 2 to go
2006-09-30 13:35
by Bob Timmermann

The Cincinnati Reds were eliminated from playoff contention today when the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 3-2 in St. Louis.

Cincinnati Reds 2006 Playoff Hopes
Born: April 3, 2006
Died: September 30, 2006

Not much was expected out of the Cincinnati Reds, but they stayed in the playoff race until the second to last day of the season thanks to the late season stumbles of the Cardinals. On August 24, the Reds were .0004 behind St. Louis for first place after a 6-3 win in San Francisco. Then they lost 10 of 12 games and were never able to get back into serious contention for a playoff spot.

Cincinnati GM Wayne Krivsky traded just about everybody. He would have traded Vada Pinson if he could. He tried to trade Harry Heilmann and Edd Roush, too. But he did succeed in trading Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez for a pair of Washington middle relievers, Bill Bray and Gary Majewski. Then there were a bunch of other pitchers added: Rheal Cormier, Scott Schoeneweis, Eddie Guardado, Sunny Kim, Jason Johnson, and possibly Joey Jay and Bob Purkey.

The ultimate cause of death was food poisoning from some tainted chili-like substance sold at Great America Ballpark. There will be no visitation. In lieu of flowers, please make donation to the Cincinnati Foundation for the prevention of Ken Griffey Injuries.

2006-09-30 18:56:16
1.   das411
On August 24, the Cardinals were .0004 behind St. Louis...?

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