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21 down, 1 to go
2006-09-30 15:51
by Bob Timmermann

The Philadelphia Phillies were eliminated from playoff contention when the Dodgers beat the Giants 4-2.

Philadelphia Phillies playoff hopes
Born: April 3, 2006
Died: September 30, 2006

Even though Phillies GM Pat Gillick dumped one of his best players, Bobby Abreu, along with a serviceable starter, Cory Lidle, at the trade deadline, the Phillies still held on doggedly in the playoff race thanks to the hitting heroics of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.

The Phillies were ultimately undone by a pitching staff that was not quite good enough to hang with San Diego and Los Angeles in the National League. Perhaps the perfect Phillies game this year was a 14-inning 8-7 win at Washington on Wednesday where the bullpen blew two saves and almost blew a third. The Phillies also played much of the year with one of the NL's worst offensive players, Abraham Nunez, starting at third base. But then again, Abraham Nunez wasn't David Bell.

There will be no visitation. In lieu of flowers, the Phillies request that you make donations to the Roger Maris's Family Fund for the Determination of Which Home Run Records are Acceptable.

2006-09-30 16:06:37
1.   Jay Jaffe
I like to look at it as the Phillies reaping the karmic dividend for dragging their feet on the Brett Myers debacle.

I guess it doesn't matter who he beats tomorrow. Ba-dum-pum.

2006-09-30 17:17:04
2.   Greg Brock
The Phillies have narrowly missed the playoffs for the nineteenth straight year. For Goodness sakes, how often do they do this?

Seems like they do it every year.

2006-09-30 17:39:07
3.   Bob Timmermann
They are like the San Francisco Giants in the 1960s (except for 1962).
2006-09-30 19:44:02
4.   deadguy
That blown call on the Chase Utley homer has got to be stinging
2006-09-30 21:48:48
5.   das411
My donations will instead go to the Pat Gillick Washed-Up Reliever Retirement Home.

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