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Playoff miscellany
2006-10-01 20:09
by Bob Timmermann

  • This will be the first postseason matchup between the Yankees and Tigers.
  • This will be the second matchup of the Athletics and Twins. The Twins defeated the Athletics in five games in the 2002 ALDS.
  • This will be the third matchup of the Padres and Cardinals. The Cardinals have swept the Padres twice in the NLDS (1996 and 2005).
  • This will be the second matchup of the Mets and Dodgers. The Dodgers defeated the Mets in seven games in the 1988 NLCS.
  • Of the four potential ALCS matchups, all have been seen before. Oakland-Detroit (1972 ALCS), Oakland-New York (1981 ALCS, 2000 ALDS, 2001 ALDS), New York-Minnesota (2003 ALDS, 2004 ALDS), Detroit-Minnesota (1987 ALCS).
  • Of the four potential NLSC matchups, there would be two potentially new ones, Los Angeles-San Diego, New York-San Diego. Los Angeles played St. Louis in the 1985 NLCS and New York played St. Louis in the 2000 NLCS.
  • The following World Series matchups would be new: San Diego-Oakland, San Diego-Minnesota, Los Angeles-Detroit, Mets-Minnesota, Mets-Detroit.
  • St. Louis has never played Oakland in the World Series, but did face the Philadelphia Athletics in the 1930 and 1931 World Series.
  • If the Dodgers meet the Tigers in the World Series, the Dodgers would become the first NL team to face all eight original AL franchises in the World Series. The Cardinals have faced six of the eight original AL franchises. They have missed the White Sox and Indians.
  • The Padres will be attempting to win their first postseason game at PETCO Park. The Padres have always faced the NL Central Champ in the NLDS.
  • The last time each team won an ultimate game in a postseason series: 2004, St. Louis (NLCS Game 7 against Houston); 2003, Yankees (ALCS Game 7 against Boston); 2002, Minnesota (ALDS Game 5 against Oakland); 1988, Los Angeles (NLCS Game 7 against Mets); 1984, San Diego (NLCS Game 5 against Cubs); 1986, Mets (World Series Game 7 against Red Sox); 1973, Oakland (World Series Game 7 against Mets); 1968, Tigers (World Series Game 7 against Cardinals).

2006-10-01 21:11:29
1.   das411
What about Robin Ventura's Grand Slam Single, didn't that end an Ultimate Game? Or are you only counting a series that goes the distance?
2006-10-01 22:22:17
2.   Linkmeister
Ok, I'm gonna root for the Tigers. I'd love to see that sort of miscellaneous trivia question (Dodgers face all 8 original AL franchises).
2006-10-02 02:57:32
3.   Vishal
[2] if i didn't also love the A's, i'd be all over the trivia aspect. as it is, i desperately desire a rematch of 1988, and i promise i would be happy whoever wins.
2006-10-02 04:46:51
4.   scareduck
"The last team each team won an ultimate game"

Presumably this s/b "The last time..."

2006-10-02 12:28:21
5.   Bluebleeder87

wow wouldn't that be interesting.

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