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The end of Torre?
2006-10-08 00:49
by Bob Timmermann

The links about him appear to have reached a critical mass, so you can take a look at the story about a New York Daily News report that states that Joe Torre will be out as Yankees manager if he doesn't resign first. Lou Piniella would be the replacement. Apparently such orders come from on high and CANNOT BE COUNTERMANDED!

In this story in the New York Times this passage seemed interesting to me.

At 76, Steinbrenner is more of a shadowy presence than a looming threat. His son-in-law, the general partner Steve Swindal, is considered more rational than Steinbrenner, a calming presence who has a strong relationship with Torre.

Sounds like something Jim Phelps would be listening to on a tape at the beginning of "Mission: Impossible."

"Jim, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save Torre's job by discrediting Steinbrenner and replace him with Swindal."

Cut to a scene in Jim Phelps apartment.

"Barney, have you prepared the mechanical Steinbrenner?"
"Yes, Jim, he is programmed to fire managers and PR directors."
"Rollin, can you impersonate Swindal?"
"I think so, Jim."
"Cinnamon, will you be able to convince Steinbrenner that your really Alex Rodriguez's mother?"
"Yes, Jim. The makeup is in place."
"Willie, did you memorize your three lines?"

2006-10-08 01:38:25
1.   max power
your first link is broken, Bob -- needs an h in its ttp://
2006-10-08 01:57:28
2.   Voxter
The best part about that NYT article is the line that seems to imply that Don Zimmer may have been the brains behind the Yankees' post-season success all along.
2006-10-08 08:23:44
3.   Vishal
the yankees had a very good season, and they won a division title and a playoff game along the way.

yet there is UPROAR in new york because [gasp!] they didn't win the world series! they didn't claim what is their birthright! how DARE they not even get to the world series. people must be fired!

it's been written about a million times before but i gotta say, that sense of entitlement makes me very happy when the yankees lose. good riddance, and have a nice winter.

2006-10-09 13:51:47
4.   grandcosmo
What has been left unsaid but can be deduced from the coverage of Steinbrenner for the last few years is that he may be in the first stages of Alzheimers or senility.

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