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Food choices in Sapporo
2006-10-11 18:56
by Bob Timmermann

I'm aware that for many of us this is a somewhat grim day, so please don't think I'm insenstive. I'm just posting a couple photos of my dining choices here in Sapporo

Should I eat a Bobby Valentine Lotte Burger?


Note the size of the burger in Valentine's hand. You can't get too fat on those burgers.

Or should I eat the world's largest crab?


2006-10-11 19:37:44
1.   Linkmeister
What's the exchange rate? I remember mos burgers (kind of a teriyaki marinaded thing) for about 150Y back in 1973-1974.
2006-10-11 19:51:09
2.   Bob Timmermann
300 yen is about $2.80.
2006-10-11 20:01:19
3.   Slipstream
You don't need me to tell you, by all means go for the crab. Now if that were a Mos burger. . .
2006-10-11 20:27:15
4.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think I can eat that much crab.

I do need something with protein. My morning has consisted of a lot of coffee and a lot of sugar.

2006-10-11 20:48:27
5.   dianagramr
Why do I have that "Element SUV" commercial with the "I pinch?" crab running through my head now ....

darn you Bob! :-)

2006-10-11 21:08:39
6.   D4P
Protein berry pizzazz...?
2006-10-11 21:08:58
7.   Slipstream
I just took another look at that "Bobby Burger" and realized that there's a slice of pineapple in there. On second thought, that's gotta be worth a try.
2006-10-11 21:14:12
8.   joejoejoe
Go for the Bobby Burger! From Bobby V's own blog:

October 9, 2006
As I mentioned in my previous entry, "The Release of the Bobby Burger!", Lotteria and I partnered up and released the "Bobby Burger" on September 29th. And I'm happy to say that some Bobby's Way readers have already tried the burger and sent in their feedback. Thank you guys!

So that got me thinking… What I'd really love to see are some photos of you all eating the Bobby Burger! The photos will be shown on an up coming blog entry and shared with other readers on this blog. So don't be shy!!!

Please send your photo to ( with the following information:

1. Your First Name (Can be a nick name but please make sure to present us your first name as well.)
2. The Lotteria Store Location that you tried your burger
3. The Date and the Time

I look forward to receiving your photos!

Commit to your passions - Passionately pursue your commitments

2006-10-11 21:40:49
9.   Bob Timmermann
I went for a lunch buffet at my hotel. And now I think I will take a nap. My body is fighting a mean case of jet lag now.
2006-10-11 21:54:57
10.   Uncle Miltie
Bob- you're in Japan again? Business trip, vacation? I'd probably stay away from ground beef in Japan. If you need protein, how about egg beater/egg whites?
2006-10-11 22:20:17
11.   Vishal
definitely eat a valentine burger. i want a review :)
2006-10-11 22:21:50
12.   Philip Michaels
I dunno, Bob -- Bobby Valentine really looks like he's enjoying that burger in the photo.

If you can't trust a smiling Bobby Valentine, who can you trust in this world?

2006-10-11 22:23:44
13.   Bob Timmermann
For some reason when I'm three days in to a trans-Pacific trip, my body goes into a shutdown mood.

I had some chicken and some salad for lunch. I'll just rest up some more and head over to the Sapporo Dome around 4 pm. The game is at 6 pm, but the crowd gets there very early.

2006-10-11 23:04:03
14.   Greg Brock
Never apologize for posting a picture of Bobby V.


2006-10-12 07:04:18
15.   JL25and3
Wow. A hamburger with pineapple. That's really disgusting.

Earlier this year I ate at a McDonald's in Delhi. They've had to reimagine McDonald's entirely for an Indian market - no beef at all, and mostly vegetarian. Two of us split a McVeggie burger and a McAloo Tikki burger (a potato-and-pea patty). What was astonishing was that they still managed to make things taste just like McDonald's.

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