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New coaches popping up all over
2006-10-16 14:34
by Bob Timmermann

So there is a new sheriff in Chicago and there will be a new one in Oakland, but there are also going to be some new deputies in other places.

The Phillies are adding Art Howe, Davey Lopes, and Jimy Williams to Charlie Manuel's coaching staff.

The Nationals will keep Randy St. Claire, but all the other coaches won't know if they will stay on after a new manager is hired.

The Red Sox have hired John Farrell to be their new pitching coach.

And the weather is bad enough in St. Louis that Game 5 will be played Tuesday.

2006-10-16 15:15:47
1.   Philip Michaels
Anytime a team adds multiple ex-managers to a coaching staff, as the Phillies have just done, I simply assume that they are just amassing potential interim manager candidates for when they inevitably fire the current guy.
2006-10-16 15:17:26
2.   Bob Timmermann
But it's not like the Phillies have amassed multiple good managers.
2006-10-16 16:02:01
3.   Uncle Miltie
I don't understand the firing of Ken Macha. He's one of the better managers in baseball.
2006-10-16 16:03:22
4.   Linkmeister
Well, the postponement means I don't have to pick baseball or football this afternoon. I have a skoshi bit of curiosity about 'Da Bears this year.
2006-10-16 21:20:40
5.   das411
OH cool maybe we can fire a different manager every week now!!
2006-10-16 21:54:21
6.   Jacob L
So, Bob, what's the longest a team has ever had to wait for a World Series opponent?
2006-10-17 07:21:20
7.   Cliff Corcoran
I posted this in the Bronx Banter comments, but thought I'd share here:

Kudos to the Red Sox for signing John Farrell to be their new pitching coach. Farrell was the head of player development with the Indians and a former Indian hurler from the late '80s/early '90s. I spoke to him last year when I did the Indians chapter for Baseball Prospectus and was impressed by his generosity and warmth on the phone as well as how much he appears to get it when it comes to player and particularly pitcher management. With the Tribe, Farrell instituted strike-throwing incentives throughout the organization, rewarding pitchers for first pitch strikes, strikes in 1-1 counts, and overall improvement in K and BB rates. In 2005, at least, walk rates plummeted throughout the organization. Impressive stuff. Congrats to Farrell and props to the Red Sox for a smart hire.

2006-10-17 08:08:20
8.   Bob Timmermann
I don't exactly what the longest layoff has been, but the one week span for the Tigers could be close.

In 1988, Oakland won the ALCS on 10/9 and started the World Series on 10/15.

In 1911, the A's (Philadelphia version) finished the regular season on 10/6 and the World Series didn't start until 10/14. The NL season lasted until 10/11. There was also one week between Games 3 and 4 because of rain and travel. Philadelphia and New York alternated home games during that series. The World Series ended on 10/26.

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