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Bochy gets permission to interview in San Francisco
2006-10-17 17:42
by Bob Timmermann

Bruce Bochy, who has managed the Padres since 1995, has received permission to interview with the Giants for their vacant managerial position.

Other candidates include Bud Black, Jerry Manuel, Ron Wotus, and Manny Acta.

Brian Sabean might want to tell Bochy about his bullpen options in San Francisco. "Well, the best guy is Mike Stanton ..."

2006-10-17 17:53:38
1.   scareduck
2006-10-17 19:58:45
2.   underdog
As a Dodgers fan, Bochy going to the Giants would make me fairly happy, actually. Even though he's gotten some good results with the Padres, I'm not convinced he's much of a manager. They really should hire Ron Wotus, even though it's not a "sexy" pick, just as the A's should hire Ron Washington, but it likely won't happen.
2006-10-17 20:47:03
3.   dzzrtRatt
Are the Padres just bored with Bochy? He'd have been a lot better manager if the GM had managed to secure him a third basemen who could field and hit.
2006-10-17 20:48:37
4.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Alderson and DePodesta think much of him. Towers has been his champion.
2006-10-17 21:45:04
5.   xaphor
Clearly Bochy would like to leave and the Pads seemingly have no complaints, so what is holding them back from cutting him loose out right? You have the money owed, but that is usually reneged once he finds new employment and with the numerous job openings that seems inevitable. From the MSM standpoint, you might not want to be seen as pushing a successful manager out the door, but at the same time allowing him to leave or, worse yet, keeping him around after both parties wanted to walk doesn't sound all that hot either.

This is a lot like last year with the Dodgers and Tracy with both parties keeping their hand close to their chest. I would imagine it will end similarly with Bochy being seen as an underappreciated manager leaving to more welcoming surroundings while San Diego scrapes the barrel for a new manager after all the "good" ones have been nabbed.

Like with the Dodgers, San Diego might come out on top in the end, but they will take all the flack in the off-season.

2006-10-18 19:01:35
6.   dzzrtRatt
Hey, maybe the Padres will get Ken Macha.

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