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Neil Diamond and baseball's foreign-born players
2006-10-23 12:00
by Bob Timmermann

The National Foundation for American Policy has issued a relatively long (by internet browsing standards) of foreign-born players in the majors. It's titled "Coming to America". The link is to a pdf file.

2006-10-23 13:21:52
1.   mehmattski
I feel like I should be given a medal, or at least a cookie, for making it all the way through the report. One part I did find interesting was the discussion on limited visas for minor league players. I wonder how this impacts scouting/signing international prospects. But in general their whole "analysis" seemed very simplistic. What are they trying to say? That many Americans are hypocrites when they want to close the borders and yet continue to root for foriegn born players?

My biggest beef is their "graphic" that shows player salaries increasing along with the percentage of foreign born players. They're actually suggesting that foriegn born players are responsible for increased salaries, revenue, and attendence? There's the pesky "correlation does not imply causation" issue... the graph reminds me of the Flying Spaghetti Monster one that ties the global temperature increase to the decrease in the number of pirates. ( These guys give statistics a bad name.

2006-10-23 13:22:35
2.   dianagramr
Good research .... thanks for the link Bob!
2006-10-23 17:22:42
3.   bhsportsguy
So Bob, have you calmed down since Saturday?
2006-10-23 17:29:30
4.   Bob Timmermann
Tune in later tonight.
2006-10-23 17:40:25
5.   Bluebleeder87
there's some typo's in that reasearch, for example Johan Santana was born in Venezuela not the Dominican

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