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Game 5.0 WS 2006, Service Pack 1
2006-10-27 16:00
by Bob Timmermann
Comments (131)
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2006-10-27 16:27:20
1.   Suffering Bruin
I haven't seen an inning of the World Serious but that's work related/medical stuff that came up. But I have noticed that this is the first time that I have yet to meet, in person, anyone who is watching the World Series.

I'm serious. I haven't met a soul. No one talking about it, no one mentioning it.

Yeah, I got to get out more.

2006-10-27 16:44:39
2.   kylepetterson
I've been watching it from game 1 (actually, I've watched 95% of this postseason) and I have to say that it's been the best serious in a couple years. Is it the best that it could've been? No. Is it being played by the best teams? No. But after watching 2 years worth of the NL teams getting swept in incredibly boring series, this has been a welcome bunch of games.
2006-10-27 16:59:27
3.   D4P
Not sure this has been mentioned here or at DT, but I thought it was noteworthy (not because of Bonds, but just in general).

Under baseball's new collective bargaining agreement, a five-year deal reached Tuesday night, there is less of a time constraint on the Giants and Bonds to get something done on a new contract.

The previous labor agreement mandated that if the Giants had not offered Bonds arbitration by Dec. 7, they would be unable to sign him until May 1. Now, the club can still negotiate with Bonds, 42, even if it doesn't offer him arbitration by the new Dec. 1 deadline.

2006-10-27 17:22:21
4.   Marty
I need the Cardinals to win tomorrow for my prediction of St. Louis in 6 with Eckstein MVP to have a chance.
2006-10-27 17:28:01
5.   Steve
But what of Torii Hunter?
2006-10-27 17:29:20
6.   bobsbrother
Two words: Friggin' cold
2006-10-27 17:34:57
7.   D4P
Torii Hunter's name was conspicuously absent from the article
2006-10-27 17:55:11
8.   D4P
bobsbrother: Where's Bob...?

(And yes, you are your brother's keeper...)

2006-10-27 17:56:34
9.   das411
Wooooo like Lando Calrissian said, that was too close!
2006-10-27 18:03:10
10.   D4P
I'm guessing the Cardinals' offensive strategy of drawing walks will pay greater dividends than the Tigers' strategy of striking out
2006-10-27 18:04:53
11.   bobsbrother
I'm guessing he's in Los Angeles.
2006-10-27 18:11:21
12.   D4P
I'm guessing you're right
2006-10-27 18:15:19
13.   Linkmeister
Inge had plenty of time to set himself and throw; does he think Eckstein is freakin' Carl Lewis or something?
2006-10-27 18:21:50
14.   bobsbrother
There's about 15 minutes of his baseball career Brandon Inge wouldn't mind having back.
2006-10-27 18:31:02
15.   D4P
15 minutes of shame
2006-10-27 18:33:14
16.   Linkmeister
I'm counting on Weaver reverting to his form with the Dodgers: get to the fifth or six and give up a couple of home runs.
2006-10-27 18:35:57
17.   das411
Ahhh playoff baseball!
2006-10-27 18:37:19
18.   Bob Timmermann
I am not in Los Angeles now.

Jeff Weaver seemed very much like his Dodger days there in reacting to a bad break.

2006-10-27 18:37:24
19.   Bob Timmermann
I am not in Los Angeles now.

Jeff Weaver seemed very much like his Dodger days there in reacting to a bad break.

2006-10-27 18:38:16
20.   D4P
Where in the world is Bob Timmer Mann Diego?
2006-10-27 18:38:18
21.   Bob Timmermann
I really wanted to make sure everyone knew I was here.
2006-10-27 18:41:57
22.   Andrew Shimmin
We're here. We're queer. We don't want anymore bears!
2006-10-27 18:49:08
23.   Linkmeister
Another throwing error by a Tiger pitcher. I've never seen anything like this.
2006-10-27 18:49:40
24.   D4P
I'm having to follow on Gameday, but it looks to me like the Tigers have trouble with some fundamental aspects of the game, like throwing the ball to the fielder standing at the base
2006-10-27 18:51:47
25.   D4P
Andrew's edgy "This series is fixed" proclamation is gathering steam
2006-10-27 18:55:53
26.   Bob Timmermann
The Tigers pitchers made 15 errors during the regular season. Kenny Rogers lead them with 5. Robertson and Verlander had 3 each.

The Cardinals pitchers made 7 and no pitcher had more than one.

2006-10-27 18:57:26
27.   Linkmeister
Why on earth didn't Leyland pinch-hit for Verlander there? You don't have that many more outs you can give up, and he just gave up one.
2006-10-27 19:05:32
28.   Greg Brock
Pujols went around, McCLelland is the best umpire in baseball, and Pujols drops his bat, then whines at the strike three call. Then McClelland gives the eye of the ump.

Bad form, Albert. Bad form all around.

2006-10-27 19:06:03
29.   Andrew Shimmin
27- I think Mr. Jackson must have had a compelling argument against doing so. Heck, maybe it was Mr. Franklin. Big stakes.
2006-10-27 19:12:40
30.   das411
What, home scorer?

Let's see some 2003 here Pudge!!

2006-10-27 19:13:42
31.   Bob Timmermann
With Duncan not getting an error there, Willie Davis breathes easier knowing that his mark of three errors in one World Series game by an outfielder is still safe.

Davis picked up all three errors in one inning to boot.

2006-10-27 19:16:54
32.   Bob Timmermann
Verlander has tied six other pitchers with two errors in one World Series. And of them was Eddie Cicotte! In 1919!
2006-10-27 19:18:11
33.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, RIP Joe Niekro.

And Arthur Hill.

2006-10-27 19:25:25
34.   D4P
The Niekro brothers had 539 combined wins, making them the most successful brother combination in baseball history

Followed closely by the Timmermanns...

2006-10-27 19:28:15
35.   das411
WOW who knew the Weave had that in him?? These Cards are definitely showing us something tonight...
2006-10-27 19:33:55
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Whoever thought hiring that little troupe for the seventh inning stretch was a good idea should be fired. Whoever did the arrangement should be hanged.
2006-10-27 19:33:56
37.   Mark T.R. Donohue
35 I concur. I for one will not be at all ashamed to call these Cardinals champions.
2006-10-27 19:37:02
38.   Bob Timmermann
So let's prematurely name an MVP.

My nominees in no order of preference


2006-10-27 19:39:16
39.   D4P
Enough with the zany hats. We get it: Cardinal fans are wild and crazy
2006-10-27 19:40:13
40.   bobsbrother
This matters to me because my postgame assignment is whoever is the MVP.
2006-10-27 19:40:51
41.   Philip Michaels
38 What about Molina v3.0?
2006-10-27 19:41:08
42.   Bob Timmermann
Do the mounted police in St. Louis ride on Clydesdales?
2006-10-27 19:41:58
43.   Bob Timmermann
Molina would be following in the tradition of other WS MVPs like Darrell Porter and Pat Borders.
2006-10-27 19:43:16
44.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I think Wainwright would be a solid sleeper pick if he closes this one out.
2006-10-27 19:45:30
45.   Bob Timmermann
Other catchers to be World Series MVP:

Gene Tenace
Steve Yeager
Rick Dempsey
Some guy named Bench

But only one center fielder has ever been World Series MVP.

And that would be....

2006-10-27 19:45:54
46.   D4P
I see I'm not the only one who has had enough of David Eckstein. FireJoeMorgan is writing a veritable treatise on the little guy...
2006-10-27 19:48:25
47.   Bob Timmermann
This scoresheet was the only time I saw Jeff Weaver pitch in person this year.

2006-10-27 19:48:50
48.   das411
I would also vote for Yadier!

Bobsbro, what's the story about you guys not wanting an all-star game in that ballpark unless they upgrade the press boxes there?

2006-10-27 19:50:26
49.   Bob Timmermann
I think Rolen may have picked up another vote or two there.

How many voters are there in this election?

2006-10-27 19:52:24
50.   Ken Arneson
I'll vote for Rolen, only because I picked him on the World Series prediction thread over on Baseball Analysts.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-10-27 19:52:31
51.   Philip Michaels
45 Reggie Jackson?

(Thanks, Wikipedia! Thanks for nothing, feeble brain!)

2006-10-27 19:53:11
52.   Philip Michaels
51 That'd be the '73 version of Reggie, by the way.
2006-10-27 19:55:58
53.   Bob Timmermann
Indeed, it was Reggie
2006-10-27 19:57:09
54.   Philip Michaels
I don't wish to take anything away from the Cardinals, as any team that wins a World Series has nothing to be downcast about. But has there ever been a Series this defined by what the runner-up did to lose? Again, to take nothing away from the performances of Carpenter or Eckstein or (for 7 1/3 innings, at least) Jeff Weaver, but when folks look back on this Series, they're largely going to remember the Tigers pitchers hurling nearly every ground ball hit their way into the Mississippi.

I'm thinking about similarly one-sided series -- the A's-Reds in '90, the Yanks-Pads in '98 -- and those seemed to be more about the victor overwhelming the other team as opposed to the losting team making mistake after mistake.

2006-10-27 19:59:06
55.   bobsbrother
The press box is deemed substandard by the bbwaa. from the second row, you can't see the entire field - you can't see the centerfield fence - and if the ball is hit in the air, you have no idea where it's going. It's one of the highest press boxes in the league, and the trip from the press box to the visiting clubhouse is a long one, requiring you twice to weave your way through crowds of fans. It's the least accomodating facility in the league and compared to the facilities in other new parks, it's easily the worst. About the only ammunition the writers have to force a change is to try to get MLB to withhold the All-Star Game the team's owners badly want. (It's not just us; the PR staff is in a space with no windows and no air conditioning. And this is St. Louis, where summers can be bad.) There's no heat, no air conditioning and the windows are sheets of plastic that if you have to close them during the game make it like watching a game through your shower door.
2006-10-27 20:01:35
56.   Bob Timmermann
But is Peter Gammons complaining?
2006-10-27 20:03:35
57.   bobsbrother
Sure the Tigers are bumblers, but the Cards may get shutouts in two or the four wins and allow two runs in another. For a team with maligned pitching - and rightly so at times - they've come through here.
2006-10-27 20:03:46
58.   D4P
If owner the team's owners had heeded the Sklar twins' desperate pleas to "Save Our Busch"...
2006-10-27 20:04:57
59.   D4P
The Tigers are a good example of what happens when your team is not comprised of Proven Winners™
2006-10-27 20:05:10
60.   bobsbrother
I don't think Peter is in the main box.
2006-10-27 20:06:22
61.   Bob Timmermann
It's the 8th inning and JEFF WEAVER was still pitching.

Jeff Weaver.


They could be dancing in the streets of Simi Valley tonight.

Or maybe in the new mall there.

2006-10-27 20:06:38
62.   Philip Michaels
Fewer shots of Jered Weaver, please.
2006-10-27 20:07:30
63.   Andrew Shimmin
I hope, during next year's Series, Stephen Drew is in the stands wearing his brother's team gear.
2006-10-27 20:08:45
64.   Bob Timmermann
On Sunday, there was a husband and wife couple distributing Communion in matching Tigers uniforms at a church in Michigan.

God did not look favorably on that.

2006-10-27 20:08:53
65.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Wow, a four-hitter for Weaver. Did not see that coming.

Let me put on my Tim McCarver pants for a second. Sure, the Tigers made mistakes. But the Cardinals took advantage of them. Nobody remembers mistakes unless they end up losing games. If St. Louis doesn't follow seemingly every Tiger miscue with a base hit, it's a different series. And I like these guys OK. Except for Eckstein and the ex-Rockies I still can't believe started World Series games. Aaron Miles! Preston Wilson! It boggles the mind. Well, better they play for them than for us.

2006-10-27 20:10:21
66.   Jon Weisman
Those pants look better on you than McCarver, Mark.
2006-10-27 20:11:32
67.   Mark T.R. Donohue
And let's just say I'd definitely have to wear them with a belt.
2006-10-27 20:12:43
68.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Hey, olde English enthusiasts, what exactly does a wainwright make? A shipwright makes ships and a cartwright makes carts, so what's a "wain?"
2006-10-27 20:15:08
69.   Bob Timmermann
Wainwrights make wagons.
2006-10-27 20:15:28
70.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I KNEW you would know that. 'S why I asked.
2006-10-27 20:16:18
71.   Bob Timmermann
Some of us have online access to the OED.
2006-10-27 20:16:50
72.   das411
NOW does it feel like a World Series??
2006-10-27 20:17:29
73.   Mark T.R. Donohue
You down with OED?
2006-10-27 20:18:09
74.   das411
and how about Much-Ridiculed Deadline Addition Sean Casey?
2006-10-27 20:18:13
75.   Ken Arneson
Sean Casey for MVP!
2006-10-27 20:18:30
76.   Bob Timmermann
"Beowulf" 3134 {Th}ær wæs wunden gold on wæn hladen

Earliest known use of the word "wain" to mean wagon.

Man, that was a great part of that story.

2006-10-27 20:20:07
77.   Jon Weisman
Wainright made the throw to a fielder from the pitcher's mound actually look doable.
2006-10-27 20:20:10
78.   Philip Michaels
McCarver: [If Casey's spot comes up again] Jim Leyland may be sorry he pinch-ran for Casey.

You know, Tim, I bet Jim Leyland would be happy to deal with that problem at this point.

2006-10-27 20:20:11
79.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Whoa, a pitcher fielded the ball and chose to throw to the correct base. How cosmically appropriate.
2006-10-27 20:21:24
80.   Bob Timmermann
They found a black fan in the crowd!
2006-10-27 20:21:34
81.   das411
All up to Placido!!
2006-10-27 20:21:43
82.   D4P
Wainright made the throw to a fielder from the pitcher's mound actually look doable

Must have been the adrenaline kicking in

2006-10-27 20:22:16
83.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I heard Busch didn't care about black people.
2006-10-27 20:22:49
84.   Daniel Zappala
They don't have anybody they can pinch hit for Polanco?
2006-10-27 20:22:55
85.   Bob Timmermann
Almost had the first WS to end on a called strike three since 1925.
2006-10-27 20:22:57
86.   Ken Arneson
76 What does "wunden" mean?
2006-10-27 20:23:02
87.   D4P
Heh heh
2006-10-27 20:24:42
88.   das411
WOW that was a close pitch....and somehow it's fitting that it is all up to Inge...for now...
2006-10-27 20:24:42
89.   Philip Michaels
Nobody draws a two-out walk in a potentially deciding game of a World Series like Placido Polanco. Nobody.
2006-10-27 20:25:37
90.   Philip Michaels
So... call for the double-steal if you're Jim Leyland?
2006-10-27 20:26:02
91.   Mark T.R. Donohue


2006-10-27 20:26:12
92.   Daniel Zappala
Is it really kosher for Weaver to be wearing a Cardinal's hat?
2006-10-27 20:26:33
93.   das411
2006-10-27 20:26:50
94.   Daniel Zappala
I mean Jered of course.
2006-10-27 20:26:50
95.   Philip Michaels
And Tony LaRussa finally gets his World Series parade. That's nice.
2006-10-27 20:27:02
96.   Bob Timmermann
And in the auxiliary press box, my brother gives thanks for not having to take a red eye flight to Detroit.
2006-10-27 20:28:02
97.   Daniel Zappala
Eckstein has won two World Series. Thinking of all the players that have never won a single series (hello, Barry Bonds), that is pretty amazing.
2006-10-27 20:28:49
98.   Bob Timmermann
Upon further inspection, the black fan that Fox is showing is Mookie Wilson.
2006-10-27 20:29:27
99.   Daniel Zappala
Clearly the Cardinals won because of all the ex-Angels on their team. Not even counting the Molina connection.
2006-10-27 20:30:21
100.   Bob Timmermann
The caps the Cardinals put on as champions are really unattractive.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-27 20:30:55
101.   das411
Quick Bob! Who was the last team to win a World Series at home?!?
2006-10-27 20:31:27
102.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels in 2002.
2006-10-27 20:33:58
103.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Oh, mercy, I am so happy the Tigers didn't win. So very, very happy.
2006-10-27 20:35:41
104.   Philip Michaels
100 That car they're giving the MVP ain't anything to write home about, either.
2006-10-27 20:36:59
105.   Steve
I really hated this World...

No, no actually that's not true. I really enjoyed this World Series. Particularly the part where the Mets didn't win.

2006-10-27 20:38:12
106.   Bob Timmermann
Bill DeWitt looks like he's going to drop the trophy.
2006-10-27 20:38:43
107.   D4P
What of Torii Hunter's team...?
2006-10-27 20:39:25
108.   Andrew Shimmin
What's going on? Instead of champagne and whooping, we get Jeany Zelasko talking to the front office?
2006-10-27 20:39:46
109.   Bob Timmermann
No one will say "World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals" for Jeanne Zelasko.
2006-10-27 20:39:48
110.   Philip Michaels
Zelasko: Do you want to say 'World Series Champion Cardinals' one more time.

DeWitt: No. I do not. I'm going to ignore you. And talk about something else entirely.

Or words to that effect.

2006-10-27 20:40:38
111.   Bob Timmermann
And a little shortstop will drive the car.
2006-10-27 20:41:30
112.   das411
HAHAHAHA and it's Eckstein!! The car is sooooo much bigger than he is!
2006-10-27 20:41:52
113.   Philip Michaels
Smooth delivery there, Bud. I particularly enjoyed how you pronounced David Eckstein's name differently each time you said it.
2006-10-27 20:43:15
114.   Daniel Zappala
Holy cow, and Spiezio won another series, I forgot about him on the team too. Eckstein, Edmonds, Spiezio, Weaver. Anyone else?
2006-10-27 20:43:22
115.   Bob Timmermann
David Eckstein is starting to draw World Series championship trophies to him like he's Derek Jeter.
2006-10-27 20:45:08
116.   Daniel Zappala
I like how a .694-OPSing shortstop typifies St. Louis baseball more than .. say ... Albert Pujols because he had a good World Series.
2006-10-27 20:46:05
117.   Daniel Zappala
Eckstein is much cuddlier than Derek Jeter.
2006-10-27 20:46:06
118.   D4P
Again, I would direct your attention to FireJoeMorgan for all your Eckstein needs
2006-10-27 20:46:30
119.   Bob Timmermann
I could be the biggest Cardinals fan in the world and there's no way I'd be wearing that black and gray cap.

No way.

2006-10-27 20:48:41
120.   Steve
I'm particularly happy for Cardinals fans as well. They're the best fans in the...oh, never mind.
2006-10-27 20:48:45
121.   Philip Michaels
Chris Meyers to Jeff Weaver: How are you going to celebrate?

I think we can guess the answer to that question, Chris. And it involves brownies and Pink Floyd LPs.

2006-10-27 20:49:51
122.   Andrew Shimmin
They should have had Rosenthal interview Eckstein enano a enano.
2006-10-27 20:50:27
123.   Bob Timmermann
In Simi Valley, Weaver's hometown, no doubt that there will be a wild celebration at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
2006-10-27 20:55:01
124.   D4P
oh, never mind

That's kinda catchy...

2006-10-27 21:07:37
125.   Ken Arneson
86 "Wunden" means "woven".
2006-10-27 21:11:09
126.   Bob Timmermann
Was that from your "Beowulf Concordance"?
2006-10-27 21:16:27
127.   Steve
Imitation is the sincerest form of...oh, never mind.
2006-10-27 21:25:09
128.   Ken Arneson
126 I just googled a Beowulf translation...

There was woven gold laid on the wagon.

2006-10-27 21:35:49
129.   D4P
That's "The Google" to you, Ken
2006-10-27 22:11:59
130.   bobsbrother
On behalf of sportswriters every where, I'd like to thank the Cardinals for not making us go back to Detroit. With the exception of the Detroit writers, who were going home anyway, I don't think anyone was looking forward to that trip.

And for the Eckstein bashers, this is from La Russa and Leyland before the game:

"I remember talking to Don Zimmer a couple of years ago,'' Tigers manager Jim Leyland said, "and he told me about him. He said, you look at him, you can't figure it out. And then during the course of the game he's in the middle of every single thing. He's gone after ground balls in a series, he's in the right spot every time. This guy is a heck of a player. And I think that it's unfair that he really doesn't get the credit that he deserves for having as much talent as he does. This guys is a very talented guy. And he's also obviously a very tough kid."

"To me,'' Cards manager Tony La Russa said, "what separates David is his stature. He's not especially big and especially strong, and he gets beat up. And if you're bigger and stronger, maybe it still hurts, but you have a chance to deal with the blows a little more. And he is just a man of iron. I look at ways guys slide into him and the way they beat him up and everything else he does and the way he responds, I think he's the toughest guy I've ever seen."

2006-10-27 23:05:34
131.   Bob Timmermann
And now he has a very fast car.

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