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Free agent filings
2006-10-29 21:57
by Bob Timmermann

A list of players who have filed for free agency is now up on

Thanks to bhsportsguy for the tip.

2006-10-30 01:15:48
1.   joejoejoe
Fire up the Hot Stove!

Here's my All-Free Agent team so far (not that anyone asked).

1B Doug Mientkiewicz
2B Alfonso Soriano
3B Nomar Garciaparra
SS Julio Lugo
OF Frank Catalanotto
OF Gary Matthews Jr.
OF Barry Bonds
C Mike Lieberthal
DH Frank Thomas

RHSP Jason Schmidt
LHSP Ted Lilly
RHRP Justin Speier
LHRP Mike Stanton

I wonder what Catalanotto gets for $$$. He's .297/.362/.454 for his career, better than that in '06, and strikes out only 50 times a year. I think Nomar stays in LA and Frank Thomas stays in Oakland. Ted Lilly is a good fit for a ballpark that doesn't give up so many home runs. Juan Pierre is a good fit for any team that needs less power and OB%. I have no idea what will happen to Bonds. Any thoughts?

2006-10-30 06:56:26
2.   unmoderated
Frank Catalanotto
2 years/$5.4M (2005-06)

* 05:$2.7M, 06:$2.7M; signed extension 9/04
* 1 year/$2.3M (2004), re-signed 10/03
* 1 year/$2.2M (2003) 12/02
* 1 year/$2.3M (2002), plus $0.3M incentives (avoided arbitration 1/02, $2.9M-$2M)
* 1 year/$0.85M (2001)
* agent: CSMG
* ML service: 7.171

2006-10-30 06:57:15
3.   unmoderated
And as all the YES Network viewers know, Catalanotto is from Smithtown, Long Island.
2006-10-30 07:37:48
4.   Peter
1 I read speculation last year about Bonds to the Angels. The reasons being that he can stay in CA and be the DH, while the Angels have money to spend and the addition of Bonds would help them compete against the Dodgers for the LA market. Of course, it seems the Angels are mentioned in every rumor lately...

Is there a chance the Giants re-sign him? He means a lot to that team and it seems like SF is the only city which likes him.

Personally, I was hoping he'd call it quits.

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