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Are any of these men truly free agents?
2006-10-31 07:58
by Bob Timmermann

They've filed for free agency, but in a world like ours is any man truly free.

Cite examples where relevant.

Thanks to bhsporstsguy for the link.

Speaking of agents, I found a part of this NFL-related story odd. It's regarding Drew Brees asking his mother to stop using his image in her campaign commercials running for a spot on the Court of Appeals in Texas.

Drew Brees, who won a state football championship with Westlake High School in suburban Austin, said he got no response from his mother when he first heard about the ads and called her to ask that she stop using them. His agent sent her a letter Oct. 20 threatening legal action, he said.

He called his relationship with his mother "nonexistent" after it crumbled six years ago when he refused to hire her as his agent.

"Mom, did you line up the endorsement deal with Nike?"
"Yes, son, sit down and eat something before you go out. And put on a sweater. Preferably a Nike one."
"But Mom, the other quarterbacks don't wear sweaters."
"Well, the other quarterbacks are going to catch pneumonia and you won't."
"OK.... Mom, make sure that I don't get designated as the "franchise" player."
"Yes, dear. Have a good day at practice."

2006-10-31 08:01:55
1.   Eric Enders
No agent is truly free. I think they'll all charge you at least 5 percent.
2006-10-31 10:26:46
2.   dianagramr
Freeman McNeil
Antonio Freeman
Morgan Freeman

... (that's about it from me)

2006-10-31 11:13:02
3.   Linkmeister
(Waves cellphone/lighter)


2006-10-31 12:05:35
4.   xaphor
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You're gonna go far...
2006-11-01 12:02:48
5.   Los Longhorns
I saw the ad on TV and thought it was odd. She talks about how her dad was a coach and she grew up watching football. Then she talks about watching her Pro QB son playing at every level.

The only thing I see her ad really saying is, "I'm a Democrat from a white upperclass suburb, but I grew up with football in Texas, so it's okay to vote for me."

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