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America's loss is Cincinnati's bigger loss
2006-10-31 09:31
by Bob Timmermann

Earlier in the month, the Cincinnati Reds relieved many baseball viewers (especially those in Arizona) of the horror that is listening to Thom Brennaman. "Listen to my voice. It's STENTORIAN! EVERTYHING I SAY IS OF GREAT IMPORT! But now I will go back down to a lower register."

The Reds today announced that they have hired Jeff Brantley from ESPN for their local TV and radio broadcasts. Brantley's mullet was unavailable for comment.

2006-10-31 10:18:20
1.   Chyll Will
If they sign Leonard Nimoy to be their official spokesperson and host of the 2007 season, it will all finally make sense.
2006-10-31 10:32:43
2.   Shaun P
Can anyone name me a broadcaster under the age of 50 who they would pay lots of money to hear call a game? I can't.

And it seems, sadly, that Thom will remain as a FOX announcer too. I continue to maintain that TV ratings for the playoffs are down because the announcers suck. People prefer to 'watch' on the Net or listen to the radio or Gameday Audio to avoid Buck, McCarver, Thom, etc etc.

2006-10-31 10:44:54
3.   dianagramr
Does this mean we get EVEN MORE of Kruk and Steve Phillips on BBTN next year?
2006-10-31 11:18:28
4.   Voxter
I would be happy about this if I wasn't absolutely confident in ESPN's ability to dig up someone even more obnoxious and clueless. These are the people who stuck us with Rick Sutcliffe and relegated Steve Stone to radio during the playoffs, after all.
2006-10-31 11:32:59
5.   Philip Michaels
2 I think Josh Lewin, who does the Rangers full-time and MLB some of the time, is pretty good. And Matt Vasgersian is also all right.

Either one would be a sight lot better than AnnouncerBot 3.2... er... Thom Brennaman.

2006-10-31 12:14:11
6.   das411
Here come Orestes Destrade and Al Leiter to save the day!!!!


2006-10-31 12:27:18
7.   Todd S
I've not heard him do an actual broadcast, by on interviews John Sciambe (sp?) seems pretty knowledgeable.
2006-10-31 12:31:13
8.   bhsportsguy
You follow the Japanese Leagues more that I do, an article theorizes that Boras may want to wait until next year when Mr. Gyroball will be a free agent and thus he will be able to have teams bid against each other as opposed to the one team winning the rights via posting?

Any thoughts.

2006-10-31 12:37:53
9.   Jeff Iannucci
Being in AZ and subjected to Brennaman has left me wondering which was more irratating?

1) Referring to anyone as XX "years young", as if humans age in a reverse fashion similar to Mork from Ork.

2) Never explaining why he calls it "the FAIR pole" when it is essentially an extension of "the FOUL line".

And I'd take Josh Lewin in a heartbeat.

2006-10-31 12:51:51
10.   Bob Timmermann
All indications are that Matsuzaka is not particularly happy pitching in Japan. He wanted to leave last year. Boras would really have to sell him on staying for a year.

Did you know that Daisuke Matsuzaka is Japanese for "Matt Harrington"?

2006-10-31 15:42:10
11.   Bluebleeder87
i'm sorry to inform Bob that Brantley's mullet passed away sometime in the early 90's :o)
2006-10-31 17:02:07
12.   dianagramr

Was Kevorkian involved?

2006-10-31 18:46:52
13.   Shaun P
5 7 9 I enjoy both Josh Lewin and John "Boog" Sciambi. But could you see them rising to Vin Scully/Ernie Harwell/Curt Gowdy-like status? I sadly don't see anyone like that out there, though my money would be on Lewin.

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