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MLB All Stars get tie in Tokyo
2006-11-02 08:27
by Bob Timmermann

David Wright's 2-run homer in the ninth inning helped the travelling MLB All Star squad get a 7-7 tie against the Yomiuri Giants at the Tokyo Dome.

Andruw Jones hit two home runs and Ryan Howard hit another.

The MLB team takes on the NPB (Japanese leagues) All Stars starting Friday at 1 am PT, 4 am ET for five games.

I'm also using the team "All Stars" a bit loosely here.

2006-11-02 08:47:53
1.   Bluebleeder87
Bob are they showing the games on ESPN or some other sports network?
2006-11-02 09:00:21
2.   Bob Timmermann
Just I believe. I think you can listen to them for free, but you might have to pay to watch.
2006-11-02 16:43:51
3.   Deanna
Yeah, I stayed awake until it was something like 7-4, then I realized I just didn't care that much about the Giants without Takahashi or Lee, and Kosaka's mostly sucked since he left the Marines.

Listening is free, watching requires the $14.95 "MLB.TV offseason subscription". There's a bunch of other stuff with that though... including that you can watch any game from the 2006 season again if you want, and since I didn't have during the year, that's almost a good deal to me for the baseball-starved winter months.

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