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AL Gold Gloves
2006-11-02 16:41
by Bob Timmermann

You can complain here or at Bronx Banter

  • 1B - Mark Teixeira
  • 2B - Mark Grudzielanek
  • 3B - Eric Chavez
  • SS - Derek Jeter
  • OF - Torii Hunter
  • OF - Vernon Wells
  • OF - Ichiro Suzuki
  • C - Ivan Rodriguez
  • P - Kenny Rogers

It was the 12th Gold Glove for Rodriguez. Grudzielanek is the only first-time winner.

2006-11-02 17:20:42
1.   Bluebleeder87
Bronx Banter already wants him to be the MVP in all honesty i don't really get to watch him so i'll just keep my mouth shut.
2006-11-02 18:04:02
2.   joejoejoe
Kenny Rogers had 5 errors in 57 chances. It should have been either Jake Westbrook or Chien-Mien Wang at P. Both had more chances, more assists and fewer errors (1 each) in about the same # of innings. Kind of hard to think The Gambler's .912 fielding percentage is golden.
2006-11-02 18:46:14
3.   Bob Timmermann
I can't imagine that the players spend a lot of time thinking about who the best fielding pitchers are. Unless they bunt a lot.
2006-11-02 21:35:54
4.   Cliff Corcoran
2 Wang and Westbrook are two of the most extreme ground ball pitchers in the majors, of course they had more chances, and thus more assists. I credit them with the fewer errors, but having seen them both play regularly, I think Rogers is definitely a better fielder than Wang. Wang helps himself, but Rogers could probably play third base if he had a better arm (wink).
2006-11-03 01:22:19
5.   joejoejoe
4 Good points about the ground ball pitching.

Wang looks like he's not doing much when fielding but he's 6'3" and never seems to get flustered or unbalanced doing anything on the mound. I don't begrudge Rogers his Gold Glove but it makes me feel better about my Little League career. I think I had something like a .912 fielding percentage at age 12 as a catcher. Now I feel a lot better about those few throws into right field. I had RANGE and that makes all the difference.

Bob is right - I'm sure there was more time spend thinking about the relative merits of the fielding skills of AL pitchers in this thread than there was in the actual voting.

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