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NL Gold Gloves
2006-11-03 14:58
by Bob Timmermann

Fresh from my inbox courtesy of reader stolenmonkey.

  • 1b - Albert Pujols
  • 2b - Orlando Hudson
  • SS - Omar Vizquel
  • 3b - Scott Rolen
  • Of - Andruw Jones
  • Of - Mike Cameron
  • Of - Carlos Beltran
  • C - Brad Ausmus
  • P - Greg Maddux

It was the 16th Gold Glove for Maddux tying Brooks Robinson and Jim Kaat for the most ever.

2006-11-03 15:11:48
1.   Ken Arneson
Yay! More Brad Ausmus Google hits for the Griddle!
2006-11-03 15:15:55
2.   bhsportsguy
What's keeping the other 30 or so free agents to be.

2006-11-03 15:34:54
3.   Bob Timmermann
That was the Griddle's first post via Blackberry. Man, that was a pain.
2006-11-03 15:44:28
4.   StolenMonkey86
I guess throwing baserunners out doesn't involve a glove enough to consider that for the gold glove?
2006-11-03 15:46:10
5.   StolenMonkey86
I think for a Blackberry to be easy to use, your fingers have to fit an 8-lb bowling ball.
2006-11-03 16:21:03
6.   D4P
Lofton was robbed!
2006-11-03 16:29:02
7.   jakewoods
i wonder how many managers actually watch guys play and take notes and ask for informed opinions.
2006-11-03 17:22:14
8.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing that the first one will be the next one.
2006-11-03 17:26:39
9.   D4P
Buster Olney has an article on the voting process, with which he apparently finds fault. Maybe Bob with his fancy "ESPN Insider" account can fill us in...
2006-11-03 17:37:35
10.   Bob Timmermann
Olney says that the managers and coaches get together and settle on a candidate for each position after a brief discussion centered around what a player did against them.

Then they send in the ballots.

2006-11-03 17:43:44
11.   D4P
Thanks Bob
2006-11-03 17:57:37
12.   trainwreck
Adrian Gonzalez is rolling in his grave.
2006-11-03 21:56:27
13.   underdog
Some day James Loney and Russell Martin will be on this list.
2006-11-04 07:26:40
14.   Vishal
so bob, who are you rooting for today? :)
2006-11-04 07:30:46
15.   Bob Timmermann
I am taking a UC Berkeley sweatshirt with me to work.

Primarily because it's clean.

2006-11-04 07:39:12
16.   Vishal
hah! primarily does not = solely. good man! at least the bears have a shot at the rose bowl this year, while ucla, well... let's just skip that discussion.
2006-11-04 07:41:17
17.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA has a decent shot at the Las Vegas Bowl or possibly the Poinsettia Bowl.
2006-11-04 07:53:45
18.   Vishal
the vegas bowl? you don't think oregon or WSU would probably end up there? perhaps the poinsettia vs. navy or something, but they would have to win at least 3 of their games i think. and the only team left on UCLA's schedule i give them an even or better chance of beating is ASU.
2006-11-04 08:17:00
19.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA has to win 2 games to make a bowl game. 6-6 is good enough.

Don't forget the Emerald Bowl!

2006-11-04 14:15:00
20.   Linkmeister
19 What about the Hawai'i Bowl on Christmas Day?
2006-11-04 14:16:30
21.   Linkmeister
For those interested in Hawai'i Winter League Baseball, some games are live-streamed here:

2006-11-04 17:23:41
22.   Vishal
i don't really know how the bowl system works (heck, does anyone REALLY know?), but while 6-6 may be good enough for bowl eligibility, i guess the other determining factor is whether UCLA were the 6th-ranked school in the pac-10, right? doesn't it usually work out that the pac-10 winner gets to the rose bowl, the 2nd place team goes to the holiday, 3rd to the vegas bowl, and then maybe after that is the emerald bowl, sun bowl and the hawai'i bowl. this year the insight bowl is going to do a big 10/big 12 matchup.

so, ucla has to get 6th place and be 6-6. possible, i suppose, but difficult. especially the way oregon state is playing lately.

2006-11-04 18:34:36
23.   Bob Timmermann
It's not strictly order in the standings. There is some leeway.

Let's say Cal beats UCLA today and USC beats Stanford (one is easier to assume than the other).

Cal 6-0, 8-1
USC 5-1, 7-1
Oregon 4-2, 7-2
OSU 4-2, 6-3
Wazzu 4-3, 6-4
ASU 2-4, 5-4
UCLA 2-4, 4-5

If UCLA won 6 games, they would likely have wins over ASU and OSU and a loss to USC. So they'd probably be the #5 team in the conference.

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