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MLB sweeps series in Japan
2006-11-08 07:20
by Bob Timmermann

Jose Reyes hit a 2-run sayonara home run in the 10th inning as MLB swept its five-game series against NPB with a 5-3 win at the Fukuoka Dome.

Ryan Howard didn't homer in this one, but he did have an RBI double.

NPB tied the game in the 9th against Brian Fuentes and almost took the lead in the top of the 10th when Tomoya Satozaki hit what could have been a run-scoring single, but saw the ball bounce into the seats holding Kazuya Furuuka at third. Scot Shields came into relieve and got out of the inning and was credited with the win.

2006-11-08 08:13:37
1.   Shaun P
The last time the MLB 'stars' swept the NPB stars, according to an AP story I read, was 1935. Wow.

Bob, I also saw another AP story that Johnny Sain had passed:

Fitting that its raining today.

2006-11-08 08:25:23
2.   Bluebleeder87
i think Scot Shields is @ the end of his contract this year no? i really want Scot to wear Dodger blue in '08

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