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DBacks show off their new home and road kits
2006-11-09 07:35
by Bob Timmermann

The Arizona Diamondbacks have dumped their old, purple, teal, and copper uniforms for ones that are Sedona red, Sonoran sand, and black. Apparently, black needs no modifier.

Eric Byrnes and Tony Clark were part of the fashion show.

2006-11-09 07:58:41
1.   Terry A
That these new uniforms qualify as a "vast improvement" speaks to just how horrific their old wardrobe was.

The colors on the new uni's are fine, but the typography is just... meh.

2006-11-09 08:21:12
2.   Cliff Corcoran
The colors are indeed a vast improvement, but they still have two different cap logos, two caps and four jerseys. The font for "D-Backs" and "Arizona" is awful, and they fail to use the sand color as anything other than an extra outline. That black cap and black jersey could use more of the sand color, such as on the "diamonds" on the back of the A logo.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? I just can't wait until they play the Astros and no one can tell the two teams apart.

2006-11-09 08:42:09
3.   dkminnick
Oh my god. Those are hideous. Am I the only person who thinks these dark jesey/light pants combos that so many teams wear now look like a company softball team?

And they put "D-Backs" on the front of the uniform?! Why not have the whole league go to nicknames - front and back? The possibilities are endless.

2006-11-09 09:16:43
4.   Bluebleeder87

expantion teams you gotta feel bad for the poor breed.

2006-11-09 10:15:21
5.   Cliff Corcoran
3 Clearly the folks who picked the team nickname never thought about how difficult it would be to squeeze 12 letters on the front of a jersey.

As for the dark shirts thing, they all make me think of the Cubs' '80s road unis and thus conjur up images of Leon Durham and Andre Dawson.

I'm more distressed at the fact that several newer baseball unis/logos have that characterless corporate advertising look (think D-Backs, Nats, Brewers), the sand or gold highlights just make them look more like beer labels than baseball jerseys.

2006-11-09 10:32:07
6.   mintxcore
much like the Mighty Ducks, it appears the DBacks are also going from ugly 90's colors to ugly 00's colors.
2006-11-09 11:42:32
7.   Daniel Zappala
I couldn't agree more with the comments here. The colors overall are OK, but the typography is terrible. More from the Nike school of design and corporate branding.
2006-11-09 11:42:42
8.   Shaun P
New uniforms have become like new stadiums - all variations on the same basic idea. I like the color scheme, but it'd be nice to see more gold and less red. How many teams have red jerseys now? I count at least 7 (Reds, Red Sox, Nats, Astros, Rangers, Phils, "Dbacks"). Wonder when Cleveland will bring their red jerseys out of mothballs. Didn't the ChiSox were red too at one point?

5 "that characterless corporate advertising look" always makes me think of Nike. Wonder if any of their folks were involved in designing the new logo?

2006-11-09 12:23:39
9.   mintxcore

i guess it COULD be worse....

2006-11-09 12:59:09
10.   Disabled List
8 You forgot the Angels. Those new D-back jerseys look like Anahiem alternates.
2006-11-09 15:00:17
11.   kylepetterson
Again, completely agree. "D-Backs" < C-Rap. I'm not sure what I like less: having a nickname on a jersey, or having one that's purple and/or sleevless. Wait....purple and/or sleevless is worse. Much, much worse. The grey aways aren't that bad. Of course, I live in Phoenix so I'll only see the homes.....
2006-11-09 15:01:04
12.   kylepetterson
8 Can we really blame the "Reds" for having red jerseys?
2006-11-09 18:27:20
13.   Shaun P
10 Wow do I feel stupid leaving the Angels out.

12 Of course not, but its not like the Reds use a red home jersey all the time.

2006-11-09 20:58:50
14.   vockins
That font looks like the one from "Blade" or some mid 90s death metal band.

The snake that forms a D is so stupid. Just have a goddamn snake.

I recommend the one from the Gadsden flag. All the goofy libertarians and English language only wackos out there would probably be thrilled.

2006-11-09 23:25:39
15.   Johan
Chris Young looks to have some natural modeling abilities.

Everyone else...not so much.

2006-11-10 15:18:33
16.   tjshere
The uniforms aren't great, but what I find more disturbing is that those 3 ladies in the slideshow were referred to as "ho employees".

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