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All quiet on the Matsuzaka watch
2006-11-13 07:22
by Bob Timmermann

According to the Kyodo News Agency, the Seibu Lions board of directors won't respond to the bid offer for pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka until Tuesday morning in Japan, but before the deadline which is 7 am Wednesday Japan Time (5 pm ET, 2 pm PT Tuesday).

2006-11-13 07:36:07
1.   Vishal
you totally coulda called it the eastern front
2006-11-13 07:40:10
2.   Bob Timmermann
You apparently were clued in to my internal debate.
2006-11-13 08:07:26
3.   Ken Arneson
Can someone explain to me what would take a week to decide about? Why would Seibu say anything but "We'll take the money"?
2006-11-13 08:25:10
4.   Bob Timmermann
The Japanese are not known for deciding things in a quick and decisive manner.
2006-11-13 08:25:36
5.   jakewoods
its really strange that in the age we live in with all the stories on things, the speculation, the rumors, etc that we have received only one report on this in a week.


2006-11-13 08:36:44
6.   kylepetterson
I thought there was 3. One that said Texas signed him, one for the Red Sox (ESPN), and Yahoo out in Japan said the Yanks did. Plus I made one up where the Montreal Canadiens did. I guess that makes 4.
2006-11-13 08:51:13
7.   mehmattski
There was also a report that the Diamondbacks had issued a Price Is Right/eBay type offer, like $26,000,001, according to rumors that were passed along and ended up in the Taiwan Times. And I got this from Mike Plugh's Matsuzaka Watch, so it's officially sixth hand knowledge.
2006-11-13 10:09:09
8.   kylepetterson
7 They then got to play Plinko and won a NEW CAR!! Granted, it was a 2006 Ford Focus 4 door with no options, but, man, Baxter is going to get all the fancy ladies now!
2006-11-13 11:33:04
9.   Sam DC
Someone tell Weisman we've got a Plinko spotting in The Griddle comments.
2006-11-13 11:38:53
10.   Sam DC
And you're making me put my Zimmerman lament here. I know Ramirez was a fine choice, but Rats. I was hoping I could call my boy with the good news. He was very excited about this at breakfast today.


2006-11-13 11:54:33
11.   Voxter
So, Tuesday morning in Tokyo is Monday afternoon on the West Coast of the US and A, right? So, soon-ish, maybe?

The last report I'd heard was that the highest bid came from Ichthyoids, who planned to sign him to a four-year, $56 million contract and then trade him to the Amphibians for a couple of salamanders that are rumored to be, like, off-the-charts geniuses, and which also have feet, the lack of which has really been hurting the fish in recent seasons. Matsusaka was rumored to be pleased about it because he dreaded growing gills due to a traumatic childhood viewing of "Waterworld". I'm still rooting for the Large Land Mammals to make a late play.

2006-11-13 12:02:59
12.   kylepetterson
Gammons says Red Sox $42 million.
2006-11-13 12:12:12
13.   jakewoods
u mean the same red sox who couldnt go an extra dime over 10 a yr for damon and wouldnt pay for pedro and wouldnt pay the extra few mill for abreu? those red sox are going to go 100 mill on a japanese pitcher and 50 more on jd "gamer" drew and 40 more on julio "i sat behind marlon anderson" lugo???

those sox??

2006-11-13 12:21:01
14.   C2Coke
13 The same Sox that ended up sitting in the 3rd after the Jays this season.
2006-11-13 12:27:21
15.   kylepetterson
13 The same sox who whined about not having the funds to contend with the Yankees. Yeah, those Sox.
2006-11-13 12:31:49
16.   bhsportsguy
The Awards are coming....

NL Rookie of the Year

Al Rookie of the Year

2006-11-13 12:43:19
17.   underdog
{Ah, I shoulda posted this here in the first place. Cut and pasted from the DT comments:}

Why does all news about him remind me of that Simpsons episode with Mr. Sparkle?

"Oh, hello, American investor. I see you are interested in distributing Mr. Sparkle in you home prefecture. You have chosen wisely. But please -- don't believe me. Observe this commercial."

"Mr. Sparkle. A joint venture of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern."

Matsuzaka, a joint venture of Seibu Lions and Scott Boras Concern.

2006-11-13 12:46:49
18.   Ali Nagib
"Well kids, it was a good ride while it lasted. Now we can go home."

"But we are home, Dad."

"That was fast."

2006-11-13 13:46:25
19.   underdog
18 Good one, Fishbulb.
2006-11-13 13:56:11
20.   Greg Brock
He identifies himself as a magnet for foodstuffs.

He boasts that he will banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.

2006-11-13 15:55:52
21.   Vishal
have i explained how much i hate plinko before? well, i do.
2006-11-13 21:52:32
22.   Greg Brock
21 Why the plinko hate?

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