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Typographical unpleasantness avoided
2006-11-13 18:41
by Bob Timmermann

The Mets will not call their new stadium CitiField. Instead it will be Citi Field.

That's rewarding.
Very, very rewarding.

2006-11-13 19:09:10
1.   Greg Brock
Ahhhh, the way that vulgarians will abuse the name of this stadium warms my heart.

You figure it out.

2006-11-13 19:21:21
2.   C2Coke
Yea, the missing space was what's wrong with it. Now the name is nice and properly fixed for use...

I cannot believe how much I know I will miss Shea Stadium.

2006-11-13 19:22:47
3.   Greg Brock
2 You'll really miss Shea Stadium?

That place makes the Boston Garden look like the Taj Mahal.

2006-11-13 20:40:03
4.   Ravenscar
I've been to Toronto, Fenway, Candlestick, Whatever They Call the New One This Week in San Francisco, Oakland, The Old Busch, The Now-Demolished KingDome, Safeco, and Yankee Stadium. I think that's it.

I know everyone likes to make Shea their stadium whipping boy, but I'm sorry the only ones in that list that are clearly superior are Safeco, the New San Francisco one, and Fenway (which a lot of people hate for small seats anyhow). Toronto is a blight on architectural sanity, Candlestick was shockingly exactly as freezingly bad as everyone said it was in the summer (trust me), Oakland is a football stadium, Busch was, well, pretty forgettable, The Kingdome had the worst air in it I've ever smelled, and Yankee stadium - despite being a landmark I'd rather they didn't move out of - has the most dirty, gross, and crowded inside I've EVER seen, like endless hallways to a nightmare old tenement building. Sorry Cliff and Alex, it's true.

Stadiums are stadiums, for the most part, and anyone who says Shea is SO MUCH WORSE than anywhere else just hasn't been to enough of them, I think.

2006-11-13 20:48:11
5.   Greg Brock
I've been to twelve major league stadiums, and Shea is a dump. There is a reason it's the whipping boy. It's awful.
2006-11-13 21:09:55
6.   Ravenscar
But, it's home.

And if you claim that Toronto or Candlestick or the Kingdone are better than Shea, I can't trust your sanity. I always liked the A's stadium, I can put them up. Busch was historically dull, but not terrible, and the Yankees have history despite the broom-closet interior. I'm reasonable, I can see the faults of Shea. I may be biased but I'm not DELUSIONAL about the place. It is in Queens, after all.

Is it worse than ALL twelve of whatever stadiums you say are better? I seriously doubt it.

And I forgot, I've been to the Marlins whatever-it-is. You really think THAT's better than Shea? Oy.

2006-11-13 21:18:25
7.   Greg Brock
I'm quite sane, thank you very much, and Shea is the worst stadium I've ever been to. We'll just call it a polite disagreement. Well, polite, except for the whole "challenging one's sanity" thing.

Good times.

2006-11-13 21:36:42
8.   Bob Timmermann
Shea Stadium is nicer than Dolphin Stadium. It's nicer than the Metrodome.

I'm uncertain on how Shea and the Rogers Centre compare.

2006-11-13 21:53:56
9.   D4P
Keith Olbermann reporting that Met fans are already nicknaming Citi Field "##### Field," where "#####" is a five-letter world that rhymes with Citi.
2006-11-13 22:03:01
10.   das411
....5 letters? then again, they are Mets fans...

and I think I felt the same way about the Vet as Ravenscar does about Shea so I will recuse myself from further discussion.

I did see quite possibly the funniest thing ever there though when I went to a Mets/Giants game on Jewish Heritage Night and an entire section dressed in the black Orthodox garb refused to do the Wave and was booed by some 50,000 other people. That was pretty cool, and almost as loud as the choice words they had had for John Rocker the year before!

2006-11-13 22:19:33
11.   Ravenscar
I'm sorry, but that's a story like the conservatives blaming liberals for coming up with the tired old "politcally correct". I'm sorry, but true fans are not going to immediately bastardize their new stadium with terms for defecation. That's baloney.

Now, YANKEE fans might call it that right away. But those bozos can go where the Mets fans who chant "Yankees Suck" for every occasion go: BACK TO NEW JERSEY! Or Connecticut. Whatever.

Speaking of how stadiums stack up, I was sorry I didn't make it out to PNC in Pittsburgh this year, I totally meant to go, I hear that's an amazing new stadium.

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