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The trade of fire
2006-11-15 14:31
by Bob Timmermann

The Mets have made the Padres go down, down, down into a ring of fire. Royce Ring that is.

San Diego acquired Ring and Heath Bell from the Mets in exchange for Jon Adkins and Ben Johnson.

Note to Willie Randolph: if you're ahead by four in the ninth in an important game, don't use Adkins.

Thanks to stolenmonkey for the pointer.

2006-11-15 16:27:16
1.   dzzrtRatt
Your pun did a double-axel: Ring...and Bell?

Which reminds me of the famous story about Casey Stengel doing a TV interview with Lindsey Nelson at the end of Spring Training in the Mets' first season. Stengel was asked to run through the lineup. He rattled off the names until he got to the left fielder, and could not think of his name. He said, "We got five or six fellas is doing very excellent...and the best played for Rogers Hornby in Cincinnatti..." Casey described the player, recited his whole history, who he played for, how many kids he had, what kind of car he drove to spring training; everything but his name until finally, after 12 minutes of these details, finally Casey said, "If he can hit for us like he hit for Hornsby, he'd ring the bell -- and that's his name, Gus Bell!"

(This story is from "Backstage at the Mets," by Lindsey Nelson with Al Hirshberg, published in 1966.)

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