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2006-11-20 17:12
by Bob Timmermann

Dovetailing nicely with the current posts in Dodger Thoughts and Cub Town is this interview by Maury Brown with economist Andrew Zimbalist about the new CBA on the Business of Baseball site.

2006-11-20 18:02:30
1.   FirstMohican
I think "$$$$$$$$$$??????????" was the contents of the cloud that appeared over Juan Pierre's head after he heard Ned Colletti say "5 years, $45 million".
2006-11-21 02:33:35
2.   Bill Crain
Great literate thread over on DT tonight and all that. Steve seems to be on new meds. Yada, yada, yada. They've gone from discussing the Flaming Lips to "the stage" and Bob Fosse. Next it'll be the New Yorker and Tchaikovsky. Don't want to mess with the mood, or nuthin' but my feeling is we're now finding ways to root not for the bad guys (Giants, Yanks) nor the good guys (A's) but merely for the stupid guys. Go Dummys! This just doesn't bear rational discussion; I want to sit in the corner (The Griddle?) and mumble profanities. Anyone else remember the way Bill James used to write about Dodger management BP? Like when he said Daryl Strawberry was obviously the de facto general manager when he pubicly dissed Kal Daniels? (By BP I mean "Before Paul", not "Baseball Prospectus".) PAUL WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS TO US. mumble... mumble...

See, we on the other side of the aisle remember Ted Tollner as the Kevin Malone to Depodesta's John McKay. (The last time BP I felt genuine intellectual alignment with the inmate running the aslyum.) This is just sad. mumble..... snort.. 'nuff said.

2006-11-21 02:44:45
3.   Bill Crain
By the way, the Daniels discussion supra came up when the Dodgers were acquiring Eric Davis because the guy they had in left got injured so often they didn't feel they could count on him.

More importantly, why do I feel the need to add this obscure fact to "clarify" a demented tirade posted at 2:30 in the morning? Is there a Wikipedia entry for "JuanPierre Madness?" I'll check.

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