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I guess it wasn't a secret ballot
2006-11-21 19:07
by Bob Timmermann

Newsday published the ballots of the voters for the AL MVP. Feel free to direct your anger on to the appropriate people if you so choose.

Jason Williams of the St. Paul Pioneer Press voted Joe Mauer 10th. Derek Jeter was not named first by both of the New York Area writers.

For those not inclined to read the whole story which I'm guessing is a lot of you since I know my devoted readers are a slothful bunch, I will summarize the first place votes. All the first place votes were for Justin Morneau or Derek Jeter with the one exception of a vote for Johan Santana. Each team's area got two votes

Baltimore - Morneau
Boston - Split (Jeter/Morneau except where indicated)
New York - Split
Tampa Bay - Jeter
Toronto - Morneau
Chicago - Morneau
Cleveland - Jeter
Detroit - Split
Kansas City - Jeter
Minnesota - Morneau
Los Angeles - Morneau
Oakland - Jeter
Seattle - Morneau
Texas - Jeter/Santana

Jeter "won" just four cities, one in the East, two in the Central, one in the West. Morneau won six cities, two in the East, two in the Central, two in the West.

2006-11-21 20:05:19
1.   Greg Brock
The Chicago writer was on WFAN in New York attempting to defend putting Jeter 6th on his ballot.

While his reasoning was not sound, he was debating Mike and Chris, so he sounded, you know, brilliant.

2006-11-21 20:18:05
2.   Shaun P
Jason Williams should be fired for failing to do his job. Clearly he did not watch any Twins games this year.

Not a single voter put Mauer second. That alone should tell you what's wrong here - the whole lot of them don't get it. And of the three voters who put Mauer third, one put Frank Thomas ahead of him. All, of course, had Morneau #1.

2006-11-21 20:21:41
3.   Ali Nagib
I'm amused that the aforementioned Chicago writer actually fits 3 of the criteria that Keith Law listed today of voters who should have their votes taken away:

"• The guy who put Jeter sixth.
• The guy who put Mauer 10th ... and the five guys who left him off their ballots entirely.
• The three guys who put Frank Thomas second.
• The guy who put A.J. Pierzynski 10th."

2006-11-21 20:44:49
4.   Shaun P
3 In keeping with Mr. Law's fabulous criteria, the following (alleged) baseball writers (and their respective publications) are dead to me:

Joe Crowley
Allan Ryan
Sheldon Ocker
Sussan Slusser
Danny Knobler
Joe Roderick
John Hickey
Jason Williams

The following are on notice, along with their respective publications:

Thom Lovello
Mel Antonen
Ed Price
Sean McAdam
Larry Millson
Mark Gonzales
Joe Christensen
Matt Hurst
Doug Padilla
Larry Stone

2006-11-21 20:51:01
5.   Bob Timmermann
So you don't plan on reading many newspapers the rest of your life do you?
2006-11-21 21:22:40
6.   Jukeofurl
I have been a baseball fan for 50 years. When I didn't know things, I read about them ( pre-net ). The one thing I know for sure, MLB needs to be overhauled & re-structured, from the turnstiles up to the flag poles the pennants hang on.

But if it's anything, MLB is slow to change. AND that's a slow death for a great but sadly slow game. Sad, because they won't ever see it much less do it.

What compounds that is, I knew a young writer who had the Mets beat for a Pennsylvania paper. He was resistant to even discussing new ideas for baseball. Enough said. . ..

2006-11-21 23:09:50
7.   Humma Kavula
I would like to say that to me, a fairly faithful reader of the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, that the most surprising part of this post was that our fair city's reps in the voting bloc are two guy I never hearda: Matt Hurst and Doug Padilla.

Maybe you sez I don't get out enough, and maybe you iz right. But still.

2006-11-21 23:18:07
8.   Bob Timmermann
LA Times writers are prohibited from voting on awards or in polls or for members of Halls of Fame.

The LA Newspaper Group refers to a large group of suburban papers, of which the Daily News (Woodland Hills) is the largest.

2006-11-21 23:26:29
9.   Humma Kavula
LA Times writers are prohibited from voting on awards or in polls or for members of Halls of Fame.

OK, I'll bite. Why? Are Otis Chandler and Happy Chandler related or something?

2006-11-22 06:17:14
10.   Shaun P
5 And the paper owners wonder why subscriptions are down - when you can get more informed content elsewhere, you go elsewhere.

But I won't be reading these guys' stories online either, which I suppose hurts portals like Yahoo! too.

2006-11-22 11:13:24
11.   Bob Timmermann

Some newspapers believe that their reporters should not influence the events they are covering. E.g., if college football teams can go to a big bowl game because they are ranked higher, some find it wrong to have the reporters decide who it is and then vote on it.

2006-11-22 12:40:26
12.   Greg Brock
11 That's interesting, considering their OP-ED pages endorse candidates for political office on the eve of elections.
2006-11-22 14:39:17
13.   Bob Timmermann
But the Sports sections are nominally objective in nature. With the exception of columnists, who are supposed to have opinions, the reporters in the sports section are just supposed to report news, not create it.

Then again I'm related to an elector for the US Soccer Hall of Fame.

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