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All sorts of people sign contracts
2006-11-27 18:10
by Bob Timmermann

Reporting from sick bay. Can Dr. McCoy run one of those thingees over me and get rid of my stomach flu which is compounded by a fever and body aches?

In no particular order:

Rod Barajas with Tornoto for 2 years and "less than $6 million." Apparently the deal has fallen through.

Damaso Marte re-ups with Pittsburgh for 2 years and $4.7 million.

Ross Gload re-ups with the White Sox for $625,000.

Adam Eaton signs with Philadelphia for three years and $24 million.

Chad Moeller signs with Cincinnati for one year. I didn't find the terms immediately.

Dave Roberts and Rich Aurilia are likely going to sign with the Giants, although that may not be announced until the winter meetings start on December 4.

2006-11-27 20:34:18
1.   das411
Welp, Eaton means no Schimdt for the Phillies, but now the only real hole left to address is in RF. It'll be nice to see him finally don the pinstripes, just so long as Andy Ashby does not start haunting us a la 2003 Mike Williams...
2006-11-27 20:34:48
2.   Ken Arneson
Hope you feel better, Bob. I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend coughing. My stomach muscles feel like I spent the entire weekend doing situps.
2006-11-28 00:30:57
3.   Voxter
I see absolutely no reason that Marte gets less than $2.5 million per, and the Orioles somehow decided to drop $5 million plus per season on a presumably stunned Danys Baez. Marte's older, but he's also a significantly better pitcher.

I am so gla I am not an Orioles fan.

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