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Taiwan in good shape to win Asian Games baseball tournament
2006-11-30 07:36
by Bob Timmermann

The Asian Games (held in Doha, Qatar) baseball tournament may already be over as Taiwan beat Korea 4-2. The competition is a six-team round-robin that also includes Japan, which is fielding an amateur team, Thailand, Philippines, and China. Korea and Japan were the only countries sending their top level players.

And it was Taiwan (and LA Dodgers) pitcher Hong Chih-Kuo who held Korea to one run over five innings to pick up the win. Kuo allowed six hits and struck out five. Yomiuri Giants pitcher Chien-Ming Chiang finished up and allowed one run over four innings.

2006-11-30 17:12:32
1.   Vishal
and, old friend chin-feng chen provided a key double!
2006-11-30 18:44:02
2.   Yu-Hsing Chen
1 Chen also made headlines a few weeks back when he declined invitattions to play for NPB teams. he is the highest paid player in Taiwan's CPBL, though by highest it's only the same as MLB minimum wage.

The other big spotlight was on Mariner 2B prospect Chen Yung Chi, who smoked 2 solo home runs.

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