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The free agents are a-signin'
2006-12-03 08:36
by Bob Timmermann

With the arbitration deadline passed and the winter meetings startings, the free agent signings should be coming quickly.

Cleveland signed a pair of relievers, Roberto Hernandez and Aaron Fultz to one year deals. Hernandez is 42 and Cleveland will be his ninth team.

Dave Roberts officially signed a 3-year deal with San Francisco. The 34-year old Roberts will be in the vanguard of the Giants youth movement.

Seattle is very close to signing a one-year, $5.5 million deal with Jose Guillen.

2006-12-03 09:16:31
1.   deadteddy8
"The 34-year old Roberts will be in the vanguard of the Giants youth movement."

First, I laughed. Then, I cried. Then, I realized Randy "84 OPS+" Winn is now the nominal right fielder, so I took off my shoe and threw it at the wall. If Sabean re-signs Pedro Feliz intending to get him at least 400 at bats this year (, he will have completely undone all the good work Colletti's been doing for Giants fans this offseason. I mean, really... did Sabean see the relative success Nomar had last year switching to first base and decide to copy that maneuver by signing Rich Aurilia to play first? If true, I can't fathom those depths...

2006-12-03 09:23:58
2.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't Rich Aurilia be better than Lance Niekro?

Bad example?

2006-12-03 09:38:33
3.   deadteddy8
Let me see if I understand this: Dave Roberts is getting 6 million dollars over three years to play center field for the Giants, even though they already have a younger, better defensively, version of him on the roster, and they plan to move THAT guy to a corner OF spot where, ostensibly, his defensive prowess will make up for his decreased offensive value from moving down the defensive spectrum. Meanwhile, in some distant galaxy of thought, the Mariners (no geniuses, themselves) see fit to offer a 30 year old stud defensive corner OF, and a guy who easily has the potential to hit 310/350/480, only 5.5 million dollars on a one year deal because he had arm trouble last year and might miss a little time at the start of the year. Hello? Hello? Hello? Brian? Are you there?

And I hear a voice on the phone say, "I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do that right now."


"Wouldn't Rich Aurilia be better than Lance Niekro?"

Too soon. Too soon. :)


2006-12-03 09:54:27
4.   Bob Timmermann
I read also that Bengie Molina is likely headed to San Francisco. Just have a pinch runner available at all times.
2006-12-03 10:03:10
5.   Bill Crain
Sabean - Colletti: the West Coast Axis of Evil?
2006-12-03 10:09:39
6.   Bob Timmermann
A Traditional Axis of Evil has three parts (see: Iran, Syria, North Korea)

Or is Cuba in the axis and not Syria?

2006-12-03 10:22:47
7.   Andrew Shimmin
Iraq, not Syria. The speech was in January, 2002.

Unless you're kidding, in which case, I'm stepping on your joke.

2006-12-03 10:23:14
8.   Bill Crain
You're right, but I couldn't think of the name of the guy in Seattle.

The East Coast should be easy.

2006-12-03 10:53:47
9.   Bob Timmermann
No, I had legitimately forgotten. There's a whole lot of evil in the world and I had misplaced my evil country checklist.
2006-12-03 14:28:49
10.   dzzrtRatt
Not only are the 2007 SF Giants likely to finish last in the NL West, but they will also draw about half the attendance the team -- and more importantly, the stadium's bondholders -- have come to expect. SF fans have clearly demonstrated over the years that they will only come out to see a winning Giants team.
2006-12-03 15:24:00
11.   Suffering Bruin
None of these moves make logical sense so I have to believe that the ultimate anti-SABR argument ("It's good for chemistry!") has at least some value. The alternative is that everybody this off-season is crazy.

Way off topic here but I say to thee yea Bob Timmermann for the UCLA chat which I could not participate in and I say to thee yea Greg Brock for ruining my laptop screen--providing my spewing water at it doesn't ruin it that is. The man is very, very funny.

One more comment: Karl Dorrel said nobody believed they would win. He was right and I can't ever remember being this happy to be wrong.

2006-12-03 16:06:46
12.   Bob Timmermann
However, if I run into trainwreck, I'm going to have to have a talk to him about his Gauchos...

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