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Pujols plans apology
2006-12-04 09:41
by Bob Timmermann

Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols will reportedly apologize to Phillies first baseman and NL MVP Ryan Howard for saying that he thought that the MVP should come from a playoff participant.

Pujols is sticking by his statement that if you don't do well in school that you will end up playing for the Phillies.

2006-12-04 09:52:07
1.   mehmattski
Flip flopper!
2006-12-04 09:52:24
2.   D4P
Any word on whether Pujols plans to run for Cardinals' First Baseman in '08...?
2006-12-04 09:58:49
3.   FirstMohican
I thought he said that if you don't do well in school, that your team will end up like the Phillies.
2006-12-04 10:22:16
4.   Chyll Will
Anyone want a 2006 World Series Trophy; like new, purchased from motivated seller, nice conversation piece... any takers? Anyone?

Dang, I got gypped...

2006-12-04 11:00:53
5.   Chyll Will
Albert Pujols plans to proffer an apology for picking a fight with a Phillies first baseman about the MVP. If Pujols picked fairly few fights with Phillies first basemen, how many apologies does Albert Pujols plan to proffer to the MVP?
2006-12-04 11:07:38
6.   dianagramr
Dear Albert,

Just shut up.


2006-12-04 11:39:06
7.   Shaun P
In some ways, I feel for the players. When they offer canned, PR-approved quotes, they are criticized for not speaking their minds, or for not being 'real' (coughA-Rodcough).

But then, when a player does speak his mind, they are criticized for doing so.

Something tells me Ryan Howard doesn't give a damn what Albert thinks about who should and who shouldn't win the MVP. I don't know why anyone cares, honestly.

2006-12-04 11:41:32
8.   jakewoods
Why all the foot in mouth things with Albert lately?

He should know better

2006-12-04 11:47:01
9.   StolenMonkey86
Pujols owes an apology to more than just Howard. Even since the advent of the wild card, there have been a few others that have won the MVP besides Howard without making the playoffs that year:

Barry Bonds (2001, 2004)
Alex Rodriguez (2003)
Larry Walker (1997)

2006-12-04 12:10:39
10.   Chyll Will
7 HRS-ONE neenot be buddered witsuch stupidity.
2006-12-04 13:22:20
11.   jakewoods
Whys he need to apologize? Who cares?

WHats with this society that forces everyone to apologize. Obviously he thinks he should have won. He shouldnt feel sorry for it.

Stick by your opinion, Albie.

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