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Mets re-sign Mota for 2 years (minus 50 games)
2006-12-07 23:31
by Bob Timmermann

Despite the fact that he will miss the first 50 games of the 2007 season because of a 50-game suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, the Mets re-signed reliever Gulliermo Mota to a 2-year, $5 million deal.

Mota was 1-3 in 37 2/3 IP with a 6.21 ERA with Cleveland. Then he joined the Mets and was 3-0 with a 1.00 ERA in 18 innings. In seven posteason games (8 1/3 IP), Mota had an ERA of 5.40.

The Mets 51st game won't be until June 3 at home against Arizona, barring any postponements.

2006-12-08 00:29:24
1.   xaphor
A masterstroke. Just having two thirds of the Lo Duca Penny trade guaranties the Dodgers will never be able to beat the Mets this season. Can you imagine the unstoppable force they would become with Encarnacion in the fold. Together they make up the long lost triforce reunited to battle the evil remnants of moneyball.
2006-12-08 06:06:48
2.   mehmattski
So, let me see if I've got this straight:

Gulliermo Mota, mediocre reliever and KNOWN STERIOD USER, is welcomed back with a fat contract and almost no controversy in the biggest media outlet in the world.

Barry Bonds, perhaps one of the three greatest hitters of all time, and who has never been officially caught using any illegal substance... had trouble getting offers.

Mark McGwire, who almost singlehandedly won the hearts of America back to baseball in 1998, and who also has never been officially caught using any substance which at the time was illegal... is going to get blacklisted from the Hall of Fame.

This hypocrisy is too much to handle.

2006-12-08 07:53:09
3.   Shaun P
2 I agree that its hypocritical. But I can see how someone else would see it differently.

Mota got caught, admitted his crime, came clean, so he's forgiven.

For most people, Bonds, McGwire, etc have also been 'caught' - even if not as clearly as Mota was - but have failed to own up and come clean. Until they do so, no forgiveness.

I also think this is why Giambi gets a relatively free pass. He didn't come out and say, "Yes, I used steroids etc, I'm sorry, I've stopped" in so many words - but he came close enough to that to be forgiven.

2006-12-08 08:03:08
4.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
3 That is the artifact of a society that seems to value the repentant over the possibly innocent...
2006-12-08 08:16:59
5.   mehmattski
4 That could explain Baseball, but then why are Americans, especially the American media, so quick to accept what is certainly rampant steroid use in Football? And why are we so quick to dismiss steroid allegations of Lance Armstrong, and yet be dubious of the "excuses" given by Marion Jones and Justin Gatlin and Floyd Landis? It seems like Joe Sports Fan is less interested in things like "facts" and "evidence" and more interested in sensationalism.

That, and "does society value the repentant over the possibly innocent" doesn't fit in the little box on Around the Horn or PTI.

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