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Lofton nears deal with Texas
2006-12-10 20:57
by Bob Timmermann

The much-traveled Kenny Lofton is close to signing a contract with Texas.

Texas would be Lofton's eleventh different team after Houston, Cleveland, Atlanta, the White Sox, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, the Cubs, the Yankees, Philadelphia, and the Dodgers.

Also Lance Carter is headed to Japan to play for the Orix Buffaloes, who play in Osaka.

2006-12-10 21:53:08
1.   Greg Brock

Google translator makes those question marks far more interesting (Japanese to English).

2006-12-10 21:58:56
2.   yankz
1 I get "Carter the gas is possible, is "


2006-12-10 22:02:46
3.   Greg Brock
That would be correct. See, Lance Carter is heading to Japan, so that's how you would say that Carter is a gas can in Japanese. A "gas can" is a euphamism for a relief pitcher who, instead of putting out the fire, tends to add more flammable material, or "gas" to the situation. So, by calling Carter a gas can, and translating it into Japanese, I have fused both Lance Carter's status as a Gas Can with his impending departure to Japan.

I can't explain it any more thoroughly than that.

2006-12-10 22:05:26
4.   Greg Brock
I would add that Google Language Tools needs to do a better job, lest more of my hilarity get lost in translation.
2006-12-10 22:54:20
5.   gpellamjr
4 Should I tell you that you are indeed quite funny to get you to stop posting?
2006-12-10 23:07:27
6.   Greg Brock
Everybody's a critic.
2006-12-10 23:14:09
7.   gpellamjr
6 I'm sure that if I read Japanese I would be quite enamored of your humor. But I don't read Japanese and I never intend to learn.
2006-12-10 23:54:50
8.   Claire Malone-Evans
This would be Lofton's ninth team since 2001 and the eleventh overall.I'm guessing but that must be some sort of record.
2006-12-11 04:24:11
9.   unmoderated
Mike Morgan pitched for 12 different teams: Oakland, Yankees, Toronto, Seattle, Baltimore, Dodgers, Cubs, St. Louis, Cincinnati, S. Louis, Cincinnati, Cubs, Minnesota, Texas and Arizona.

i'm not sure if he holds the record, though.

2006-12-11 07:24:06
10.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan shares the record for most clubs played on with Deacon McGuire who played from 1884-1912 (with a few seasons off).

It will be just the fourth AL stop for Lofton. The AL record is 8 held by Juan Beniquez.

2006-12-11 10:19:31
11.   bhsportsguy
Different sport but former UCLA football head coach, Bob Toledo is about to be named head coach at Tulane University.
2006-12-11 16:05:19
12.   Uncle Miltie
11- one of the worst coaches I've ever seen. My condolences to all Tulane fans.

Lofty signed with the Rangers for 1 year $6 million.

2006-12-11 18:00:34
13.   das411
But Lofton ties Todd Zeile though, doesn't he, for most teams by a position player?

Hmm I wonder if they were ever teammates...--readyGO!--

2006-12-12 01:46:08
14.   Vishal
[13] no, they were never teammates. the closest they came was when zeile was a yankee in '03 and then lofton was a yankee in '04, but zeile was gone by the time lofton arrived.

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