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Oliver! The Angels want some more
2006-12-11 16:56
by Bob Timmermann

Darren Oliver and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim agreed on a one-year deal for $1.75 million.

Oliver's father, Bob Oliver, also played for the Halos from 1972-74.

If Darren Oliver makes the big club, and the Angels don't have any other lefties in the pen after J.C. Romero was cast aside, he would be the third son of a former Angel to don the (red/blue/periwinkle) of the Halos.

The other pairs:

The Amaros: Ruben and Ruben Jr..

The Davanons: Jerry and Jeff.

Anticipating further questions, no Dick Schofield's father, also named Dick, did not play for the Angels. And Bobby Valentine is not Ellis Valentine's father.

Current players in the majors who have a chance to join this elite crew are: Adam Laroche, Jaret Wright, Aaron Boone, and Prince Fielder. And maybe somebody else I forgot.

2006-12-11 18:21:45
1.   Greg Brock
Tony Armas Jr.
2006-12-11 18:27:44
2.   Bob Timmermann
And maybe somebody else I forgot.

1 proving my point!

2006-12-11 18:31:43
3.   Greg Brock
Maybe you can correct your post, and delete my comment.

And yours!

And this one!

Nobody would ever know...

2006-12-11 18:47:51
4.   Bob Timmermann
This is all part of the interactive nature of The Griddle. This is how you can help me.

What, you say, you helping me, dear reader? Yes, it can happen!

2006-12-11 21:03:26
5.   Raf
Don't forget Barry Bonds
2006-12-11 21:15:29
6.   Bob Timmermann
Oh yeah, that guy. I heard he's good.
2006-12-11 22:21:39
7.   Greg Brock
Did Sandy Alomar Jr. retire?
2006-12-11 22:49:01
8.   Bob Timmermann
Alomar is a free agent. He could still come back. Benito Santiago and Jim Leyritz want to come back too.

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