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Nats send Vidro to Seattle (provisionally)
2006-12-13 18:30
by Bob Timmermann

As long as Jose Vidro waives his no-trade clause, Washington and Seattle are expected to conclude a deal that would send Vidro to Seattle in exchange for Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto.

The story finishes with this ominous line: "The trade means one thing for the Nationals: According to baseball officials, shortstop Felipe Lopez will be switched to second and Cristian Guzman will remain at shortstop."

2006-12-13 19:19:04
1.   Sam DC
Nats blogger perspective on Snelling and Fruto.

2006-12-13 19:20:24
2.   Bob Timmermann
At least somebody noticed my post...
2006-12-13 19:57:09
3.   Greg Brock
Christian Guzman at 4 mil per year? Meh. Peanuts in today's dollars!

The only downside is that he sucks. But if you get past that, it's a great contract.

2006-12-13 20:07:45
4.   Yu-Hsing Chen
utterly horrible trade for the M's, they have no shot for next year anyway, why trade decent young players for fading expensive old once?
2006-12-14 17:16:08
5.   Deanna
This is the stupidest trade ever. I'd cry over losing Snelling, since he's one of the only guys left on the M's roster with any personality, except I got it out of my system when that clean-shaven Ogasawara doppleganger abandoned the Fighters for the Giants.

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