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Gee, thanks for the help, but maybe I'll talk to someone else.
2006-12-19 18:01
by Bob Timmermann
2006-12-19 18:15:11
1.   Greg Brock
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

--Rick James

2006-12-19 19:29:04
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Give it to me
Give me that stuff
that funk, that sweet
that funky stuff

--John Wooden

2006-12-19 20:02:45
3.   Greg Brock
White Liiiiiiiiines.

danuh nanuh nanuh nanuh.

--John Wooden

2006-12-19 20:17:05
4.   Xeifrank
When it comes to Daryl Strawberry, it's the one time when I am in total agreement with Tommy Lasorda. vr, Xei
2006-12-19 20:23:05
5.   Andrew Shimmin
More than words is all you have to do to make it real.
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me,
'Cause I'd already know.

--Greg Brock

2006-12-19 20:31:20
6.   Greg Brock

I call cheap shot. Poor form, Shimmin.


2006-12-19 20:36:30
7.   Andrew Shimmin
I remember being very impressed by that tune, must have been the early 90s when it came out. The Health class I had to take in Jr. High was pretty much explicitly a response to that song--sex doesn't mean love; if he really loves you, he'll wait, etc.--but the only people who dug the song were girls. It was sort of a precursor to the phenomena Chris Rock observed about women in clubs singing depraved things about themselves.

Wherever you are, Mr. Big: kudos!

2006-12-19 20:40:15
8.   Greg Brock
I like it when women sing depraved things about themselves.

--Andrew Shimmin

2006-12-19 20:52:41
9.   D4P
This seems like a good thread in which for Andrew to reveal the things he hasn't been able to convince women to do.
2006-12-19 20:57:11
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Have I been drinking?
2006-12-19 21:01:13
11.   D4P
If you have to ask, the answer is "Yes."
2006-12-19 21:04:43
12.   Andrew Shimmin
Here's the thing, D4P, I don't not kiss and tell.
2006-12-19 21:07:04
13.   D4P
Well then, what are you waiting for...?
2006-12-19 21:15:05
14.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm smarter than Lindsay Soto!

--Bob Timmermann

2006-12-19 21:15:44
15.   Andrew Shimmin
The second not modifies kiss, not tell, again.
2006-12-19 21:18:41
16.   D4P
I don't not not understand.

"Don't not kiss and tell" should mean "Do kiss and tell," shouldn't it...?

2006-12-19 21:19:31
17.   Greg Brock
Language frightens me.


2006-12-19 21:22:15
18.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't not-kiss and tell.

Take the cliche and flip it: I don't tell when I kiss. Yes? Then negate the kissing: I don't tell when I don't kiss. That's what I meant.

2006-12-19 21:25:12
19.   D4P
Kissing is scary.


2006-12-19 21:29:49
20.   Andrew Shimmin
(whisper) Pssssst--hey Brock, am I reading this wrong, or is D4P totally hitting on me? (/whisper)
2006-12-19 21:31:48
21.   Greg Brock
Not a chance I get baited into that.

(pssst...I think so)

2006-12-19 22:07:29
22.   El Lay Dave
Paris Hilton relays relationship rebound recommendations to Britney Spears!
2006-12-19 22:25:19
23.   joekings
7 - Actually that wasn't Mr. Big that was Extreme. Mr. Big sang "To Be With You." I didn't even have to look that up.

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