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The day of miscellaneous signings!
2006-12-20 18:34
by Bob Timmermann

Doug Brocail re-signed with San Diego, who also claimed Craig Stansberry on waivers.

The Royals signed David Riske and Zach Day and re-signed Brandon Duckworth.

Washington continued to cement its stranglehold on the NL East by giving Robert Fick a minor-league deal.

The Twins will bring back Rondell White.

Einar Diaz will be the likely backup to Ronny Paulino at catcher in Pittsburgh.

The Red Sox signed eight guys to minor league contracts and their quality is highlighted by the fact that the AP story mentions Alberto Castillo first!

2006-12-20 19:46:40
1.   Ken Arneson
Sure, Fickie fits fur hat.

I have a baseball with Alberto Castillo's autograph on it. Maybe it's worth more now that he's on the Red Sox.

2006-12-20 23:47:13
2.   das411
Wow, the DRaysBay crew will be pissed that Riske went to KC. Time to head over and see what they have to say...

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