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Everyone will want to find this book under the tree Monday
2006-12-20 21:00
by Bob Timmermann

For some reason, I don't think most people who visit here will be buying this book.

It's just 40 pages long. That's just 27 pages fewer than the number of inches in the author's height.

2006-12-20 21:26:00
1.   Xeifrank
Hey make fun of Mr Eckstein all you want, the fact is that he has two world series rings more than most MLB players. I am all for inspirational books. You know people that beat the odds and accomplished something great. What's there to make fun of?
vvr, Xei
2006-12-20 21:38:31
2.   Greg Brock
1 I'll let the Fire Joe Morgan guys explain:

David Eckstein is 4'10" and appears to suffer from borderline albinism. Despite this, he is a mediocre MLB shortstop. After he throws the ball to first base, it looks like he needs to lie down from exhaustion. He also runs hard to first base, as most baseball players do.

Baseball analysts have interpreted this data to be somehow indicative of something more powerful than mere "tangible" baseball skills, perhaps residing somewhere deep in the (non-human?) DNA of David Eckstein.

2006-12-20 21:39:06
3.   Strike4
I'd guess nearly all the book reviewers are Toaster bloggers. Except one.
2006-12-20 21:48:17
4.   Bob Timmermann
Actually I have no problems with Eckstein.

But my three of my four loyal readers don't like him for some reason.

2006-12-20 21:50:14
5.   Greg Brock
3 Those Amazon reviews are hilarious. I'm kind of upset I didn't think of it first.
2006-12-20 22:03:12
6.   Bob Timmermann
The second link in the post was already a link to the Amazon listing.
2006-12-20 22:09:01
7.   Strike4
Scrappiness seems to generate a significant book price premium. The Eckstein book goes for $18.45. Meanwhile, Eric Gagne's book in the same series can be had for a mere $12.44! Much less scrap in Gagne's book reviews too.
2006-12-20 22:14:41
8.   Strike4
Speaking of last minute baseball gifts, where can authentic unused Juan Pierre batting helmets be found? I need a new set of single scoop sundae dishes.
2006-12-20 22:26:45
9.   alex 7
when speaking of Pierre, what's the difference between used and unused batting helmets? I believe neither actually makes it to first base.
2006-12-20 22:27:30
10.   El Lay Dave
At DT on 12/11 Post #155 by D4P.
Still hilarious.

8 These could be Pierre actual-size.

2006-12-20 22:27:47
11.   Greg Brock
Note to self: Click on BOTH links next time.
2006-12-20 22:28:59
12.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, it was new to me!
2006-12-20 22:58:21
13.   Strike4
11, I'm all thumbs. I thought I had gone to a different page. Sorry Bob/Greg.

This book is being released in its second edition. Must have a new Cardinal cover, revised preface paragraph, and newly added two page final chapter.

2006-12-21 06:12:49
14.   D4P
The thing about David Eckstein that rarely gets mentioned is that he's not very tall and doesn't weigh very much.
2006-12-21 07:54:18
15.   Sushirabbit
And he can't drive a stick!
2006-12-21 08:04:46
16.   yankz
Those reviews made me LOL more than anything has in a long time.
2006-12-21 08:35:54
17.   JJoeScott
Thanks for the link to the reviews. Bob, sometimes you, too, remind me of a Gritty McGritterson ...
2006-12-21 11:22:48
18.   For The Turnstiles
15 Then how can he possibly be clutch?!?
2006-12-21 17:22:07
19.   Andrew Shimmin
18- He carries a very small purse.

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