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The DUI-Train
2006-12-22 07:39
by Bob Timmermann

Commenter stolenmonkey86 provides not only the link, but the headline, for Dontrelle Willis's arrest for DUI in Miami early this morning.

Let that be a lesson to you kids. If you have a Bentley, build a toilet into it.

2006-12-22 07:50:01
1.   s choir
Maybe now Ned Colletti will trade for him.
2006-12-22 07:54:20
2.   D4P
A call to Willis' agent, California-based Matt Sosnick, was not immediately returned.

It's funny how agents are never available to comment on such things. I guess it's just a coincidence that they're always available to talk money...

2006-12-22 08:13:18
3.   dianagramr
"What you pissin' about, Willis ..."
2006-12-22 08:14:06
4.   Bob Timmermann
He also could have been asleep.
2006-12-22 08:33:05
5.   D4P
Yeah, but they're always asleep when the media wants to talk about their clients' bad behaviors...
2006-12-22 10:22:11
6.   Andrew Shimmin
Any employee of mine starts having big opinions about my bad behavior, in the morning paper, I find someone to replace him before I finish my coffee. What's the agent supposed to say, anyway? "The agent couldn't be reached for comment," is filler. It doesn't advance the story, it doesn't mean anything.

I think we should examine the extenuating circumstances, too. The man lives in Florida. He escapes for road games, but he spends most of his life being in Florida. Who, in his place, wouldn't turn to drink?

2006-12-22 10:37:11
7.   Chyll Will
6 "And why stop there?" yells Doc Gooden from the wings...

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