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Chris Brown 1961-2006
2006-12-27 12:47
by Bob Timmermann

Former Giant, Padre, and Tiger third baseman Chris Brown died in Houston yesterday as the result of a house fire.

Brown was an All-Star in 1986, but injuries derailed his career. Brown was a star on the same Crenshaw High team as Darryl Strawberry. Brown had recently been working as a truck driver for Halliburton in Iraq.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and arson is suspected.

To be precise, Brown's home was in Sugar Land and he passed away in Houston.

2006-12-27 13:00:54
1.   Sam DC
Wow. Just read The Boys of Crenshaw last year.

This from the Chronicle article is pretty poignant.

But when the economy stagnated, construction work became hard to find. Brown signed up to drive for Halliburton. Such jobs have been known to pay six- figure salaries. Despite the hazards, he doesn't rule out returning for a second tour in Iraq, dismissing the danger.

"One of my neighbors was murdered in Houston last week,'' he said. "It's all up to the Lord.''

2006-12-27 13:04:59
2.   D4P
Amazing that the truck drivers get paid so much more than the troops.
2006-12-27 13:07:18
3.   Bob Timmermann
Truck drivers don't get fancy weapons and night vision goggles.
2006-12-27 13:10:34
4.   Eric Enders
So the story makes it sound like either a suicide attempt gone bad, or an insurance scam gone bad. Either way, it's sad, and pretty weird that it wasn't reported until now even though it happened a month ago.
2006-12-27 13:11:26
5.   D4P
Plus, the soldiers are honored with those neato "Support Our Troops" ribbon bumper stickers you see in Walmart parking lots and such.

(With that kind of support, who needs opposition...?)

2006-12-27 13:14:34
6.   Eric Enders
I get the feeling that Will Clark and Robby Thompson would be wise to invest in one of those plastic bubbles.
2006-12-27 13:18:50
8.   Ken Arneson
7 was deleted for namecalling. Try a more civilized argument.
2006-12-27 13:42:07
9.   dianagramr
3 Truck drivers have better "armor" on their vehicles ...

As for yellow ribbons and SUVs ...

2006-12-27 13:43:42
10.   Jon Weisman
4 - Makes me realize that we haven't had an update on the missing brother of Jose Cruz Jr. in a while.
2006-12-27 13:50:12
11.   Bob Timmermann
ESPN hasn't picked up this story yet and it seems so "Outside the Lines"-y.
2006-12-27 13:51:30
12.   D4P
Hey, that's catchy!

I'm going to go buy a ribbon, then I'm going to go buy an SUV so I can stick the ribbon on my SUV.

2006-12-27 14:14:11
13.   Benaiah
When I was in Amsterdam in 2004 I met a guy who was a contracted truck driver in Iraq. He was on R&R and he was telling me stories. They carry guns, but really have no defense against kidnapping where several people attack the truck. He got paid 8-9 thousand a month but said that it was such dangerous work that he wanted to get out of it ASAP. It was Amsterdam so I wasn't thinking that clearly and his stories kind of freaked me out to the point where I decided to go hang out with someone else. It is a little hard to party when you are going back to Iraq in a few days.

As for why they make more than the troops, it is the market pure and simple. Signing up for the army is very different than signing up for a short period of time driving a truck in Iraq. There are a lot more benefits to the military and essentially no benefits and huge risks to working for Haliburton.

2006-12-27 20:02:07
14.   das411
Sad. Just sad.

Rest in peace, Chris Brown.

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