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New Year's Day Bowl Bonanza open thread
2007-01-01 01:00
by Bob Timmermann

Happy New Year to all!

Six games on the docket today starting at 8 am PT and the last one should finish after 8 pm PT. But four of the games are jammed into the early part of the day and by the time the Rose Bowl starts, there's no need to flip around.

You can start your viewing at 8 am PT with the Outback Bowl in Tampa where #17 Tenneseee (9-3) faces unranked Penn State (8-4). Fifth ever meeting between these teams and they split the first four games.

Then at 8:30 am PT, #10 Auburn (10-2) takes on #22 Nebraska (9-4) in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. It will be the fourth meeting between these two teams and the Cornhuskers have won all the previous meetings.

At 11 am PT, #12 Arkansas (10-3) faces #6 Wisconsin (11-1) in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. It's the second meeting ever between these two schools and the first since 1912 (Wiconsin won 64-7) and will match up fans who wear red pig head hats versus people who wear yellow cheese wheels as hats.

Also at 11 am PT, unranked Georgia Tech (9-4) faces #13 West Virginia (10-2) in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. It's the third meeting between the Yellow Jackets and Mountaineer and Georgia Tech won the first two: 42-19 in the 1954 Sugar Bowl and 35-30 in the 1997 Carquest Bowl. West Virginia's offensive duo of QB Pat White and RB Steve Slaton have both been slowed by injuries, but Georgia Tech has been losing players left and right for a variety of reasons.

Then at 2 pm PT, the Grandaddy of Them All, the Rose Bowl kicks off between #3 Michigan (11-1) and #8 USC (10-2) in Pasadena. It's the tenth meeting between the two teams with USC holding a 5-4 edge. The teams will be meeting in the Rose Bowl for eighth time. That makes it the most frequent Rose Bowl matchup. USC and Ohio State have met seven times. Washington has played Michigan in four Rose Bowls.

Finally at 5 pm PT (expect that to start later), #9 Boise State (12-0) faces #7 Oklahoma (11-2) in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. It's the first meeting between these two schools and it's the first BCS appearance for the Broncos. It's just the seventh major division bowl game for Boise State and only the third one outside of Boise. It will be the 40th bowl game for the Sooners.

I think it's up there

Comments (151)
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2007-01-01 06:06:49
1.   joejoejoe
My brother got transferred to Arkansas when I was a kid and brought back one of those Razorback hats as a gift. It was like a strange artifact from a distant land. Sooeey pig-pig!
2007-01-01 08:28:03
2.   das411
Wow. Thank you Kevin Kelly.

WE ARE.....

....(unranked for a reason)

2007-01-01 08:33:23
3.   Bob Timmermann
Fox has reincarnated Pat Summerall to call the Cotton Bowl.
2007-01-01 08:34:45
4.   Marty
Happy New Year everyone. I've already had my favorite part of this day. I live about 1 1/2 miles north east of the Rose Bowl and every new year's morning the B1 or B2 or whatever you call that flying wing thing circles over my house waiting for the Rose Parade to start. Always very impressive. It's too bad that the parade has to start.
2007-01-01 08:37:20
5.   Marty
So, Glendale Arizona gets two bowl games this year. Why didn't Pasadena last year? Some new rule?
2007-01-01 08:41:02
6.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, in 2010, there will be a Rose Bowl on New Year's Day and a BCS Championship game at the Rose Bowl a week later.
2007-01-01 08:54:02
7.   Bob Timmermann
My Rose Bowl ticket does not fit into the ticket holder given out by DHL at Dodger Stadium last year and that thing is monstrous. It's 3 inches wide and 8 inches long. That's two square feet of ticket!
2007-01-01 08:54:37
8.   Daniel Zappala
Bob, happy New Year. Hope you have a witty 2007.
2007-01-01 09:07:51
9.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks Daniel. Happy New Year to you as well.

I will be heading out to meet some friends to get a ride down to the Rose Bowl (they have a parking connection). I will be riding with USC fans, which likely further ruin my UCLA bona fides with Greg Brock.

Not knowing where I'm sitting, I am wearing a green shirt and a Team South Africa baseball cap. I can easily pass for a USC fan since I'm from the area and if I am seated with Michigan fans, I will just pretend to be one of my brothers, who happens to live in Michigan.

2007-01-01 09:13:23
10.   Marty
Good luck Bob. I'm predicting a 10 point win by SC. Not that I'm biased or anything.
2007-01-01 09:47:19
11.   Bob Timmermann
I am heading off to meet friends to head to the Rose Bowl, so I hope that everyone enjoys the day and eats their Tostitos in moderation.
2007-01-01 09:47:50
12.   Bob Timmermann
I will try to post some news from the Arroyo Seco if the cell phone signals aren't jammed.
2007-01-01 10:09:17
13.   Linkmeister
Man, I get up at 0700HST to find two football games already underway. Mom's got the Rose Parade on, and Punahou (private school out here) had a huge contingent marching in the thing.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou, everybody.

2007-01-01 10:26:42
14.   Bob Timmermann
Hmm the Gator Bowl is already underway. And I realize that 24 square inches is not two square feet now.
2007-01-01 10:33:17
15.   Daniel Zappala
Yay, I get to listen to the Outback bowl on radio. I have a mostly-hate relationship with the Ainge family.
2007-01-01 10:33:56
16.   Marty
Hmmm, there's a Punahou street in my neighborhood. I'd always wondered where that name came from.
2007-01-01 11:09:44
17.   das411
Yo Zappala, yknow there is another team in that game that you could root for...
2007-01-01 11:44:47
18.   Linkmeister
16 Marty, was one of its graduates on the street naming commission? ;)

Wikipedia on Punahou:

2007-01-01 12:11:54
19.   Andrew Shimmin
Weird. It's like there's a little, free, commercial for Disneyland, on ABC's coverage of the Capital One Bowl. Wonder why that might be.
2007-01-01 12:51:57
20.   Bob Timmermann
I am looking live at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Beautiful day out here. I am in the next to last row in the NE corner of the stadium looking down at the ESPN Gameday booth.

There seem to be some premature detonations of fireworks on the driving range.

I actually have a chair and not a bench. I gave my churro a thumbs up.

2007-01-01 12:57:29
21.   D4P
Which team is Bob rooting for...?
2007-01-01 13:05:30
22.   Bob Timmermann
I am wearing a green shirt if that is a clue. My section has much more red than blue in it. The Michigan band is poised to come on the field.
2007-01-01 13:06:40
23.   D4P
Yellow and blue make green...?
2007-01-01 13:12:28
24.   Bob Timmermann
Actually Michigan wears maize not yellow. However the maize looks to be the same shade as USC's gold.
2007-01-01 13:18:18
25.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob secretly adores USC. Well, not so secretly. Just ask Brock.
2007-01-01 13:19:31
26.   Bob Timmermann
There are four LSU fans in my section who no doubt bought their tickets on spec assuming the Tigers would be here.
2007-01-01 13:22:51
27.   Marty
26 That speaks volumes about LSU alums!
2007-01-01 13:38:29
28.   Bob Timmermann
I am estimating that the crowd is 70% USC fans.
2007-01-01 13:50:08
29.   Bob Timmermann
Traveler is in the house.
2007-01-01 13:58:09
30.   Bob Timmermann
Darth Vader is in the house too. And Greg Brock missed the touching tribute to Bo Schembechler.
2007-01-01 14:27:51
31.   Bob Timmermann
I am hoping for a repeat of the Cal versus Washington & Jefferson Rose Bowl.
2007-01-01 14:29:32
32.   Bob Timmermann
TV timeouts after each punt. Grrrrrrrr
2007-01-01 14:47:56
33.   Bob Timmermann
2007 is shaping up to have a little less offense than the previous two affairs. It could be a rare field position game. Or maybe not but at least not many people are reading.
2007-01-01 15:00:41
34.   Daniel Zappala
Been watching the game, and USC looks good. Oops, bad fumble. In previous years, I would expect USC to march down and score easily nearly every time they had the ball. This year they seem to march down and then fizzle.
2007-01-01 15:01:09
35.   Daniel Zappala
TV timeouts after turnovers too.
2007-01-01 15:03:07
36.   Marty
OK, Cadillac has gone too far now. Using an Iggy Pop song to sell their cars.
2007-01-01 15:05:24
37.   Daniel Zappala
Michigan completing some long passes. I thought USC had a better secondary.
2007-01-01 15:07:26
38.   Bob Timmermann
Sacks by USC. Alert the media.
2007-01-01 15:08:11
39.   D4P
I thought USC had a better secondary

BTW: is any portion of the defense typically (or ever) referred to as the "primary"...?

2007-01-01 15:08:35
40.   Andrew Shimmin
If all potential car-buyers had to go on were commercials, everybody in this country would be riding a bike within five years. I suspect that all car commercials are the result of corporate sabotage.
2007-01-01 15:10:05
41.   Bob Timmermann
The season montages for both teams shown on the video boards omitted footage of each team's final game and the USC vs Oregon State was edited so that you didn't think USC lost.
2007-01-01 15:15:09
42.   Bob Timmermann
Alums from Washington & Jefferson are being honored. They played in the Rose Bowl in 1922.
2007-01-01 15:18:42
43.   Bob Timmermann
The people behind me only speak Spanish and I think only one of them has ever seen an American football game. One guy is doing the explaining. Apparently, they are starting out big.
2007-01-01 15:29:33
44.   Bob Timmermann
The Michigan Band is playing a tribute to Led Zeppelin, which is, to put it bluntly, lame.
2007-01-01 15:33:43
45.   Bob Timmermann
USC is playing "Snakes on a Plane"
2007-01-01 15:56:25
46.   Bob Timmermann
Interception by a member of the primary!
2007-01-01 16:03:06
47.   Bob Timmermann
Wow a player in the end zone with the ball. I think points are awarded for this.
2007-01-01 16:16:57
48.   Bob Timmermann
The outlook is getting gloomy for the Michigan men in moleskin.
2007-01-01 16:19:52
49.   D4P
Are linebackers part of the primary or the secondary? Or perhaps the purgandary...?
2007-01-01 16:23:57
50.   Bob Timmermann
Lawrence Jackson and John David Booty duking it out now for MVP.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-01-01 16:32:34
51.   Andrew Shimmin
Have they announced the attendance?
2007-01-01 16:34:40
52.   overkill94
36 At least there aren't any Deadhead stickers on them
2007-01-01 16:34:57
53.   Marty
The UCLA game becomes even more puzzling to me.
2007-01-01 16:40:01
54.   Bob Timmermann
The place looks full which should be 93K
2007-01-01 16:43:31
55.   Bob Timmermann
This could be the Rose Bowl with the fewest rushing yards for both teams. They were at 29 through three quarters.
2007-01-01 16:46:33
56.   Bob Timmermann
Cool Michigan has 11. I like weird scoring totals.
2007-01-01 16:47:54
57.   Andrew Shimmin
The Griddle is the number three return on a Google News search for "Rose Bowl attendance." So, that's pretty cool. I've always known you were a trusted news source, but I didn't know it was official.
2007-01-01 16:50:05
58.   Bob Timmermann
There is an empty seat in front of me.
2007-01-01 16:52:04
59.   Bob Timmermann
Under the lights, Michigan's maize looks much brighter than USC's cardinal.
2007-01-01 16:52:35
60.   Vishal
why have both teams (especially USC) seemingly abandoned the rush?
2007-01-01 16:53:36
61.   Bob Timmermann
That should deliver the MVP to Jarrett now.
2007-01-01 16:54:20
62.   Vishal
nevermind, that's a good reason.
2007-01-01 16:55:05
63.   Marty
Nice job by the kicker today
2007-01-01 16:56:10
64.   Bob Timmermann
A 25 to 11 final would be sweet! It's such a weird score.
2007-01-01 17:00:52
65.   overkill94
Is it possible that USC is actually really good and Dorrell actually outcoached Carroll?
2007-01-01 17:04:10
66.   Bob Timmermann
Ummm.... No....
2007-01-01 17:06:26
67.   Bob Timmermann
Ummm.... No....
2007-01-01 17:07:41
68.   Vishal
okay, at this point wouldn't USC want to rush to run out the clock and minimize the chances of a pick?
2007-01-01 17:08:12
69.   Marty
I think Mark Sanchez may want to transfer.
2007-01-01 17:08:15
70.   Bob Timmermann
But maybe Booty will get MVP with 4 TD passes.
2007-01-01 17:09:07
71.   Vishal
on the other hand, if you can keep doing that all day....
2007-01-01 17:10:10
72.   Bob Timmermann
But USC can't run the ball.

93852 in the house.

2007-01-01 17:13:19
73.   D4P
93852 in the house

I would estimate that roughly 65696 of those are rooting for USC

2007-01-01 17:15:54
74.   Bob Timmermann
Game over.
2007-01-01 17:16:46
75.   Vishal
gable and washington may not be white and bush, but they'll chew up a few yards here and there, to at least mix it up, no?
2007-01-01 17:20:43
76.   Bob Timmermann
The Michiganders are making a beeline for the exits.
2007-01-01 17:22:16
77.   Bob Timmermann
Bradford seems to be getting more work today for USC.
2007-01-01 17:26:38
78.   Vishal
[76] are they taking their michigeese with them?
2007-01-01 17:37:41
79.   trainwreck
Way to close up on the kids laughing during moment of silence.
2007-01-01 17:45:34
80.   trainwreck
Yes, Thom Brennaman is calling football now too.
2007-01-01 17:52:59
81.   Vishal
who else is rooting for boise state? i have some weird intrinsic dislike for oklahoma, whom i perceive as chronically overrated.
2007-01-01 17:53:10
82.   D4P
twreck - I was glad to see Leben lose, and had predicted a Jardine victory. No surprise in the main event. Nice to see Fedor back in action as well.
2007-01-01 18:09:50
83.   Bob Timmermann
Three moments of silence at the Rose Bowl:
Randy Walker
Bo Schembechler
Gerald Ford

Fourth moment of silence: Michigan's ground game.

2007-01-01 18:13:51
84.   Andrew Shimmin
81- I am. I have a very easy to follow hierarchy of allegiance. I root against whichever team belongs to the highest group on the list.

1. In Florida
2. Religious School
3. In the South
4. Private School
5. School that rejected an application for my admission.
6. Not from either the Big 10 or Pac 10
7. Big 10
8. Pac 10

If both teams are in the same category, I make things up. Anyway, BS is a 6 and Oklahoma is a 3. So, go Broncos!

2007-01-01 18:20:11
85.   trainwreck
Yeah, I knew Leben was going to lose. I think the UFC light heavyweight division is terrible. Only Liddell and Rampage are elite fighters. Rashaad Evans and Bisping have the potential to be elite. If Rashaad learned jiu jitsu he would be extremely good. Forrest is reckless that is why I knew Jardine had a good chance, but I still think he is just another victim for the Iceman.

Hunt gave Fedor a very nice challenge.

2007-01-01 18:21:41
86.   trainwreck
I hate Oklahoma' fight song with a passion. It is enough of a reason to make me hate the Sooners.
2007-01-01 18:29:00
87.   Marty
Their fight song isn't "Surrey with a Fringe On Top"?
2007-01-01 18:29:47
88.   Gagne55
81 I am. I'm tired of hearing all the hating on the WAC. There were two unbeatenen Division I-A programs. Two programs play for the national title. Bosie State got screwed.
2007-01-01 18:50:31
89.   Vishal
[88] i wouldn't go that far. boise state didn't play a single ranked opponent. hawaii was as close as it got to playing a good team. strike that, they also beat oregon state too, but that was early in the season before OSU really got their act together.

anyway, it's not too hard to go undefeated when you're mostly playing such football luminaries as utah state and louisiana tech, and if being undefeated was all that mattered, you'd have a lot teams trying to pad their schedules with patsy opponents and you'd have a lot of undefeated teams. i'm not saying boise state sucks or anything, as they're a good team and deserve to be where they are, but 12-0 with their schedule is not better than florida's 12-1. the broncos were not screwed.

2007-01-01 19:01:39
90.   Andrew Shimmin
If Boise State wanted to be taken seriously, they'd replace their turf with, if not actual grass, something that resembled grass. The blue turf is far too silly.
2007-01-01 19:03:23
91.   D4P
Haven't you ever heard of bluegrass...?
2007-01-01 19:03:54
92.   D4P
BTW: What's on this list...?

School that rejected an application for my admission

2007-01-01 19:26:42
93.   Andrew Shimmin
91- I know bluegrass; bluegrass is a friend of mine; and Boise State's turf, D4P, is not bluegrass.

92- I'll never tell.

2007-01-01 19:46:17
94.   Bob Timmermann
Let's check Andrew's list for internal contradictions:
Just using Division 1-A schools:

1. In Florida
Florida, Florida State, Miami, Florida International, South Florida, Central Florida, Florida Atlantic
2. Religious School
That would add Notre Dame, Boston College, BYU, SMU, TCU, and possibly Wake Forest (it's a tough call.)
3. In the South
There goes a bunch of schools.
4. Private School
And another bunch
5. School that rejected an application for my admission.
That cuts the list down by 50
6. Not from either the Big 10 or Pac 10
That's 21 teams, but private schools don't count, so Northwestern, USC, and Stanford are out.
7. Big 10
But not Northwestern
8. Pac 10
But not USC or Stanford.

2007-01-01 19:49:54
95.   twerp
Not so early any more in Fiesta Bowl...

David 21, Goliath 10, halftime.

2007-01-01 19:51:14
96.   D4P
That cuts the list down by 50

Heh heh

2007-01-01 19:57:22
97.   Bob Timmermann
Andrew is angry at Lousville, Fresno State, and West Point for turning him down.
2007-01-01 19:58:23
98.   Andrew Shimmin
It's a hierarchy only applicable in head to head confrontation. I don't always root against every religious school; only if they're playing a less objectionable one.
2007-01-01 20:03:56
99.   Bob Timmermann
Does the religious school rule come into play in college basketball? If so, there are going to be a lot of teams you have to cross off your list for being religious schools.

Does Duke have any official religious affiliation?

2007-01-01 20:12:52
100.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't consider Duke a school, so much as an energy company. So, I always root for them.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-01-01 20:16:38
101.   Bob Timmermann
Is Oklahoma's QB on the take? He is having a performance as suspicious as Ronnie Harmon did in the 1986 Rose Bowl against UCLA while playing for Iowa?
2007-01-01 20:18:21
102.   StolenMonkey86
100 - The first of Duke's famous alumni pictured on Wikipedia was Richard Nixon.
2007-01-01 20:20:04
103.   StolenMonkey86
nothing about current religious affiliation, though, although originially they were a Methodist school and were in fact called Trinity college until 1924
2007-01-01 20:21:06
104.   StolenMonkey86
And Bob, in response to 7, there are 144 square inches in one square foot.
2007-01-01 20:25:36
105.   Bob Timmermann
I knew that and I thought I had posted a correction, but I guess it didn't make it.
2007-01-01 20:39:51
106.   Bob Timmermann
And Nixon only went to Duke Law School. He was a Whittier College Poet first.
2007-01-01 20:47:35
107.   Sam DC
I'm not up on the newfangled ways of BCS college football, but where I come from you don't gain a lot by fair catching a fast moving football on the four-yard line.
2007-01-01 21:00:03
108.   Bob Timmermann
I added a photo up top and that will link you to some of my other photos from today at the Rose Bowl.
2007-01-01 21:01:01
109.   Sam DC
Some of this OU playcalling really makes no sense.
2007-01-01 21:21:44
110.   Andrew Shimmin
Questions to ask after viewing Bob's Flickr slide show:

So, you had pretty much the same seat at Notre Dame as you did today?

Why did you stand there, taking a picture, while the little child was being mauled by a mascot? Have you no decency?

Wooah. You didn't think to take more pictures of the woman in front of you, in the white sweater?

2007-01-01 21:22:13
111.   Andrew Shimmin
That was pretty tense.
2007-01-01 21:24:54
112.   Bob Timmermann
The woman in white was actually several rows in front of me. She wasn't particularly photogenic
2007-01-01 21:26:35
113.   Bob Timmermann
Now I think Jared Zabransky is on the take.
2007-01-01 21:33:39
114.   Andrew Shimmin
Well now. That was quite a thing.
2007-01-01 21:33:49
115.   Bob Timmermann
That play isn't supposed to work against good teams.
2007-01-01 21:34:29
116.   Berkeley Doug
2007-01-01 21:35:05
117.   Bob Timmermann
I think one thing that sold the play was that the first receiver for BSU deliberately ran a route that was short of the first down and that froze the OU defenders just long enough.
2007-01-01 21:37:48
118.   Sam DC
Best I can tell lots of folks on both teams are on the take.
2007-01-01 21:39:35
119.   Sam DC
Boy, I love college football OT. So pure, so true, so infused with the spirit of the game.
2007-01-01 21:40:15
120.   Bob Timmermann
Sam's brow is furrowed.
2007-01-01 21:41:31
121.   Sam DC
You're good Bob.
2007-01-01 21:44:05
122.   Bob Timmermann
What would the officials do if Boise State brought out its field goal team and kicked? Do they just say "Too bad that you guys can't count" and leave?
2007-01-01 21:49:29
123.   Bob Timmermann
Why go for 2 now when you could have done it at the end of regulation?
2007-01-01 21:51:45
124.   trainwreck
That was utterly insane.
2007-01-01 21:52:06
125.   Bob Timmermann
Not that was a 2-point conversion play for the ages. Oklahoma got caught with its pants down.
2007-01-01 21:52:32
126.   Sam DC
They realized that the defenses are too tired to play?
2007-01-01 21:53:03
127.   Sam DC
Wow -- what a beautiful play.
2007-01-01 21:54:22
128.   Bob Timmermann
I think Paul Thompson should be the MVP.

For BOTH teams.

2007-01-01 21:56:19
129.   trainwreck
That may have been the craziest football game I have ever seen.
2007-01-01 21:57:39
130.   Bob Timmermann
Boise State: the David Eckstein of college football!
2007-01-01 21:58:14
131.   Sam DC
So, does USC's unexpectedly strong showing today plus this insane game make you want a playoff so this could all be sorted out or glad there isn't one so that these games are hte final word?
2007-01-01 22:00:31
132.   Bob Timmermann
I look at it this way:

There are playoffs in baseball. The Cardinals win the World Series. People complain.

There are no playoffs in top level college football. There are games like the Rose and Fiesta Bowl. People complain.

2007-01-01 22:00:58
133.   trainwreck
And it gets more ridiculous.
2007-01-01 22:01:40
134.   Bob Timmermann
Ian Johnson's fiancee is one of the women on this page:

2007-01-01 22:02:13
135.   Gagne55
And what does everyone who said that a team from the WAC can't compete with 'the big boys' say now?
2007-01-01 22:02:28
136.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's "Lisa"
2007-01-01 22:03:40
137.   trainwreck
I believe she is Sarah.
2007-01-01 22:05:11
138.   Sam DC
Not Future President Troy?

And really, can't Tostitos get a corporate rep who could speak five lines of congratulations without reading them off a card?

2007-01-01 22:05:13
139.   Bob Timmermann
Would she have accepted if Johnson hadn't scored on the 2-pointer?
2007-01-01 22:06:21
140.   Linkmeister
My father the OU grad is turning over in his grave.


2007-01-01 22:07:00
141.   Daniel Zappala
I believe that is the best college football game I have ever seen.
2007-01-01 22:08:09
142.   Andrew Shimmin
We've secretly replaced the Griddler with Gregg Easterbrook. Now let's see what happens. . .

But, you've made up for the lack of pictures of the woman in white. Lindsay should be more careful about coming inside during lighting storms.

2007-01-01 22:08:23
143.   Bob Timmermann
So what ranking will Boise State end up with now? 2 of the 8 teams above them have lost (Michigan and Oklahoma). It may be hard for the Broncos to leapfrog LSU (if they win) and USC even though they have two losses. Wisconsin has already won and Louisville plays tomorrow.
2007-01-01 22:09:19
144.   Daniel Zappala
Three trick plays at three crucial moments. Wow.

I think they didn't go for two at the end of regulation because they thought maybe they could stop OU in overtime and need only a field goal or TD to win. Once they realized they were going to go to a second OT, they figured they should go ahead and try to win.

2007-01-01 22:12:12
145.   Bob Timmermann
It was a good ending, but I don't think this was better than last year's Rose Bowl. The players were better in that one. But this game will be ranked pretty high.

And I've rewound the DVR and I stand by my assumption that it's Lisa, not Sarah.

2007-01-01 22:21:31
146.   Gagne55
Once they realized they were going to go to a second OT, they figured they should go ahead and try to win.

especially since they knew they'd have to go on offense first

It was a good ending, but I don't think this was better than last year's Rose Bowl.

What're you talking about? That was the worst ending ever. (I'm a USC fan)

2007-01-01 23:04:50
147.   trainwreck
He should have proposed to Sarah.
2007-01-01 23:40:49
148.   Greg Brock
The hook and lateral to tie it, the behind the back handoff to win it.

Holy Smokes. Congrats, Boise State. What a game.

2007-01-01 23:43:05
149.   trainwreck
Apparently he proposed to Chrissy

2007-01-01 23:48:37
150.   Greg Brock
In the land of bowl coaches who go for it on fourth down, and risk everything with the dream of eternal glory, I have Karl Dorrell, who kicks field goals on fourth and one from the +2.

Boise State runs behind the back passes. Georgia Tech runs Calvin Johnson on reverse passes. My coach kicks 23 yard field goals.

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2007-01-02 01:01:19
151.   Uncle Miltie
Best college football game I've ever seen.

Now if UCLA only had a coach with that kind of imagination.

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