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Remember this guy? He used to be big
2007-01-06 22:46
by Bob Timmermann

Remember back to the year 2000? I remember like it was about seven years ago. But back then Darin Erstad had 240 hits and drove in 100 runs while batting leadoff. He was considered untouchable for years afterwards by the Angels.

And now, according to Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times, Erstad is a free agent with few takers and his old team, the Angels, are only offering him a minor league deal. But I'm sure Erstad would be a fine addition to a quality team like Seattle or Baltimore.

2007-01-07 00:44:30
1.   Greg Brock
Ah, Darin Erstad. Another player who is very average/below average, yet demands my attention because he runs hard to first base. Also, he was a football player in college. That makes him especially hard nosed. Sure, he was a punter, but that doesn't matter. You just don't get it. Darin Erstad is the kind of player that makes your whole team better, despite the fact that every offensive statistic on earth tells me he makes your team worse.

Darin Erstad is tough. And he played football. And he runs hard to first base. I defy you to find me a baseball player more qualified than that.

2007-01-07 00:45:41
2.   Greg Brock
Darin Erstad is also a great clubhouse guy. I forgot to mention that. Punter, runs hard to first, great clubhouse guy.

He also gets dirty.

2007-01-07 07:07:16
3.   D4P
Remember this guy? He used to be big

I'm guessing his heart is still big...

2007-01-07 07:14:56
4.   mehmattski
He also had a really good card in the 2001 set of MLB Showdown. A +2 CF with A speed and 17-20 HR potential? Sign me up! Wait, what's that? I was the only one who played that game? Oh. I'll just be off in the corner, then...
2007-01-07 21:00:24
5.   das411
4 - (quietly) that game was awesome, Ichiro was sick that year too wasn't he?

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