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Is anyone really on the Giants roster?
2007-01-08 21:49
by Bob Timmermann

Barry Bloom of reports that none of the nine free agents who signed with the Giants have actually formally signed a contract.

There are still debates between the players' agents and the Giants front office over contract language. The player farthest from being officially signed is Barry Bonds and the Giants have not placed him on their 40-man roster. The other eight free agents have been placed on the roster: Pedro Feliz, Steve Kline, Ray Durham, Barry Zito, Dave Roberts, Rich Aurilia, Ryan Klesko, and Bengie Molina.

2007-01-08 22:30:56
1.   Voxter
I imagine there's a lot of foot-stomping and clutching of pearls going on in Brian Sabean's office right now.

However, if this allows the Giants to back out of all of these signings, completely suck for a couple of years, and actually attempt a rebuild, I'd suggest that they never resolve the contract language issue.

2007-01-08 22:43:19
2.   Greg Brock
A couple of the agents want the contracts written in Dutch. Steve Kline wants his contract written in Swahili.

Rich Aurelia prefers his contract be passed on orally, like Native American tradition.

2007-01-08 23:07:38
3.   Voxter
I always like to have my contracts in triplicate, in the languages of my ancestors: Gaelic, Yiddish, and Middle High German.
2007-01-08 23:21:33
4.   Bob Timmermann
My contract is oral and a series of clicks, whistles, and glottal stops.
2007-01-09 07:40:35
5.   Slikk
I'm not sure how to take that comment, Bob. Hahah.
2007-01-09 08:32:28
6.   Strike4
With Barry, if he doesn't know what he rubs on, then why would he know what he signs anyway.

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