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Meet the nutria! Meet the nutria!
2007-01-18 23:00
by Bob Timmermann

Come on down and greet the nutria....

The New York Mets AAA affiliate in 2007 will be the New Orleans Zephyrs of the PCL and Lee Jenkins of the New York Times talks about the new relationship.

The Zephyrs mascots are Boudreaux and Clotile, a husband and wife nutria. It's a little known aspect of Lousiana law that rodents can marry each other, although the marriages are not recognized in the other 49 states, but, Federal law recognizes them in the District of Columbia and Guam.

Thanks to Diane Firstman for the pointer.

2007-01-18 23:53:52
1.   Ken Arneson
Call me overly conservative, but theirs is not the sort of behavior governments should be encouraging. Nature was not intended to work this way. Granting their kind full marriage rights under the law can only lead to one thing in the end: the full destruction of the ecosystems we hold so dear. Invasive, non-indigenous species should NOT be allowed to marry.

Throw the humans out!

2007-01-19 08:37:14
2.   dianagramr

nice punchline Ken .... ROFL ...

2007-01-19 08:53:40
3.   dianagramr
In 2004, while on vacation in "The Big Easy", I took in a minor league game at Zephyr Field. The Zephyrs (then AAA affiliate of the Astros) were playing the Padres AAA affiliate.

I got to see such former MLBers, (now current MLBers) and former can't-miss-but-dids as:
Xavier Nady
Kerry Robinson (still lightning fast)
Jeremy Griffiths (its a wonder he hasn't torn his labrum the way his arm drags behind the rest of his body)
Phil Hiatt
Mike Coolbaugh

The stadium is a two-tiered facility with natural grass and deep power alleys. The horizon over the outfield wall is nothing spectacular, but then again ... it IS near the airport. There is a "grassy knoll" out beyond the right-center fence where folks can plop a blanket down and watch the game for $5. There is also a hot tub area near the knoll.

I walked up and got a box seat in the first row right behind the visitor's dugout for $9.50 (kids under 12, seniors and military get $1 off any ticket). The thrill of hearing the ball hit the catcher's mitt so clearly was tempered with the thought that any foul ball could leave me missing a limb. :-)

All the stadium personnel were very friendly and helpful. The bathrooms were a bit of a disappointment in terms of their cleanliness. Foodwise, I had a tenderloin sandwich ($8), followed by (I had to try it based on the name alone) "pig nachos" ... nachos topped with either beef or pork ($5).

A nice, large, BaseballAmerica-sized program cost $1.50. I even managed to win a prize, as page 74 of my program was signed by a Zephyr player. (I got a beach towel, which I promptly gave away to a family of 5 sitting behind me).

Of course, there was the between-innings fun of the "dizzy bat race" and the "mascot racing the kid around the bases". After the game, they had a contest for a "Hummer"-branded mountain bike, and then a free fireworks show.

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