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McPherson out for 2007 for the Angels
2007-01-22 18:36
by Bob Timmermann

Dallas McPherson of the Los Angeles Angels, whom everyone expected to miss all of 2007, made it official by announcing that he will have back surgery Tuesday. McPherson thinks he will be able to play again in August, but that seems optimistic.

As for replacements, Mike Scarr of writes:

The Angels will select from a group that includes Chone Figgins, Shea Hillenbrand, Robb Quinlan and Maicer Izturis in competition at third base this spring.

The Angels used six third basemen last year and Izturis played the most games at the hot corner with 87, 78 as a starter.

2007-01-22 19:23:47
1.   El Lay Dave
Bill Stoneman put all or most of his eggs in one basket when he allowed Troy Glaus to get away and essentially handed the 3B job to McPherson. When I want to be optimistic about Ned Colletti, I think this sort of thing is what he is trying to protect against when he signs a LuGo II, instead of handing Kemp (or Loney) a job outright.

There is still no explanation for Jean Pedro.

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