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Speed dating meets reality TV in unholy marriage at Fenway
2007-01-23 19:45
by Bob Timmermann

I'm afraid it's true.

NESN, the Red Sox propaganda channel, is going to try out a show called Sox Appeal.

From the press release, which is funny without trying.

One Red Sox fan will be paired with a different date for two innings at a time at Fenway Park. The fan will choose with whom to watch the rest game during the seventh inning stretch -- but also could be rejected.

The backdrop of baseball is what separates "Sox Appeal" from other dating reality shows, said David Collins, principal and executive producer at Scout.

"The waxing and waning of the date will be affected by the reality of what's happening out on the field," he said.

In the words of Bart Simpson, "And the rest just writes itself!"

And isn't Fenway so purty?

2007-01-24 01:55:21
1.   Voxter
I think I'm going to be sick. I grew up a Red Sox fan. But crap like this is part of why I've defected to the much less successful Mariners. I don't begrudge them the dollars that this will bring in. Not exactly. But it's an extension of the attitude that resulted in Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore making out on the pitcher's mound in the wake of the victories of 2004.
2007-01-24 04:06:06
2.   Shaun P
Anything to make an extra buck to cover DM's posting fee, right Mr. Henry, Mr. Werner, and Mr. Lucchino?

You go, Evil Empire!

2007-01-24 08:48:37
3.   mintxcore
oh yeah, things like THIS (along with Johnny Damon's wife's FASHION UPDATE during the preshow) where reasons why i had a hard time being a red sox fan while in boston.....

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