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Drew/Boras and Red Sox reach peace accord
2007-01-25 18:41
by Bob Timmermann

The long awaited "final contract" between J.D. Drew and the Boston Red Sox became a reality today.

Drew and the Red Sox had reached a tentative agreement back on December 5, but it wasn't until today that the contract was finalized after the two sides finished haggling over language in the contract that would cover the Red Sox in case of a shoulder injury by Drew.

For those keeping track, that was a 52-day period from the tentative to the final agreements.

Barry Bonds reached a tentative agreement with the Giants on December 7 and still has not signed a finalized deal, so keep track to see who has the most delayed final contract. Some sports writers have said they won't recognize any record set by Bonds in this area.

Best wishes to JD in Boston, the only city where the fans still hate the players they like!

2007-01-25 18:54:02
1.   trainwreck
Good luck JD, but I think you will quickly regret playing in Boston.
2007-01-25 19:00:29
2.   El Lay Dave
With apologies to Terrell Owen's erstwhile publicist, JD has seventy million reasons not to regret playing in Boston.

Drew fits nicely into right field and the No. 5 spot in the lineup, behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.
Perhaps I'm just a wacko, but I like JD in the #2 spot.

2007-01-25 19:07:33
3.   D4P
I'd probably bat DJ #2 too. His strength these days is getting on base, not hitting for power.
2007-01-25 21:47:34
4.   ScoobyGoo
Seriously, he would be PERFECT at #2 for that team
2007-01-26 09:24:33
5.   Cliff Corcoran
5 Perhaps, but the idea of the Sox protecting Manny with Drew scares the hell out of me as a Yankee fan, and I think that's why he's targeted for #5. Besides, Youkilis is a great #2 and either Lugo or Crisp can lead off (depending on how they bounce back from last year).
2007-01-26 10:08:35
6.   El Lay Dave
Unless I'm hitting behind ManRam, protection is a myth. I think the real argument against Drew #2, is the a priori decision that Ortiz and ManRam hit 3,4, and that batting Drew #2 allows opposing managers to use a LOOGY against both JD and Ortiz.

Hit JD 1, Youklis 2 and Crisp 9!

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