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Going, going, Ghana
2007-01-26 19:33
by Bob Timmermann

Omar Minaya, Dave Winfield, Dusty Baker, Dave Stewart, Bob Watson, and Reggie Smith are leading a delegation of American baseball officials and coaches to Ghana.

The group is ostensibly going to Ghana to teach baseball, but I think the leaders of MLB are trying to get back at the Ghanians for this.

2007-01-26 21:03:14
1.   Voxter
Wow, that's a pretty star-studded group. Do they play much baseball in Ghana? They mention the All-Africa games in the article, but every time you hear about amateur players from anywhere other than the Americas, Asia & the Antipodes, they're usually American kids on army bases.
2007-01-26 23:06:43
2.   Greg Brock
Gee, Bob. Thanks for the memories.

Griddle commenter Greg Brock had this to say during the Ghana/United States game:

It usually has to be a certified mugging for officials to call PK's. You're basically giving the other side a goal. I can't see any way that call is justifiable.

That game stunk.

2007-01-27 10:12:20
3.   capdodger
Diving litte... I loved how he went down after he knew he was beaten because Gooch had head and shoulders on him.

And poor Claudio, hell of a way to end a decent international career.

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