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The HOF's next worthy non-enshrinee?
2007-02-07 19:25
by Bob Timmermann

Not that I think there is such a word as "non-enshrinee" but you never know.

Moving away from the fascinating world of pea soup, I bring you this article by Tim Marchman of the New York Sun about why Tim Raines likely will never make it to Cooperstown.

You can start looking for Buster Olney articles about why Tim Raines just wasn't that good for some reason he can't really determine. It's just a feeling.

Link via BTF

2007-02-07 20:09:02
1.   D4P
I'm sold. I was a fan of "Rock." For some reason, I always remember a triple he hit in an All-Star game.
2007-02-07 20:17:58
3.   Bob Timmermann
#2 removed for duplicity!
2007-02-07 20:18:34
4.   Greg Brock
Ugh. I've talked about this ad nauseam. Raines and Blyleven, victims of the stupid people.
2007-02-07 20:21:46
5.   D4P
I may have been duplicative, but I was most certainly not duplicitous...!
2007-02-07 20:27:41
6.   Greg Brock
"I know that statheads (used in the pejorative sense) like Sheehan and Lederer will compare him to other Hall of Famers, talk about how his stolen base % is second all-time, his OBP is higher than Tony Gwynn's, and how he played in the worst hitter's park in the majors, but to that, I say 'I just don't feel like he deserves it, and I watched him...a lot!'"
2007-02-07 20:35:21
7.   D4P
victims of the stupid people

I hate stupid people

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