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Once there was a ballpark here?
2007-02-09 23:57
by Bob Timmermann

Barry Petchesky of the New York Times writes about the dispute between historic preservations, aided by a group called "Society of American Baseball Researchers" (which is apparently an offshoot of the Society for American Baseball Research), and Consolidated Edison over saving what is believed the last remnant of Washington Park in Brooklyn.

Washington Park was the home of the Dodgers (under different names) 1898 through 1912, after which the team moved to Ebbets Field.

All that is left is believed to be a wall from a shed built to house carriages. You can see the remnants here. The wall runs along 3rd Avenue.

The Dodgers won two NL pennants at Washington Park back in 1899 and 1900.

2007-02-10 05:55:18
1.   Raf
You may want to check out the Forgotten-NY page on Washington Park

2007-02-10 06:49:13
2.   The Mick 536
The park also figure quite prominently in the Battle of Brooklyn, a fight won by the British during the Revolutionary War. I was always under the impression that the building which sat in the outfield dated back to that time and was used to store ammo.

Many years ago while living in the Slope we took a tour of baseball spots. Quite fun. Quite a few. Then we moved to Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Lived on the second block of Maple Street. It was around the corner from Ebbet's Field. Heard tell that O'Malley's lived on Maple One. Old timers on the block used to walk to the field after dinner and, with the help of some well tipped field attendants, watch the end of the game either through the "knotholes" or at some empty seat.

2007-02-10 08:11:43
3.   Jeb
Has anyone ever gotten a tour group together to visit the sites of the forgotten NY parks, ebbetts, Washington Park, the various iterations of the polo grounds and hilltop park? I'd love to go on that tour, even though it might be a little sad and dangerous. Sadly, Yankee stadium will be joining them soon. Not sadly, so will Shea.
2007-02-10 08:43:39
4.   The Mick 536
Not dangerous at all. Some chic little places near Washington. Ebbets up the street from the Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, and 770 Eastern Parkway.
2007-02-10 09:29:10
5.   dianagramr
As a resident of Park Slope, I live a mere 5 minute walk away from that wall (though I'm not old enough to remember Washington Park).

Good info on that site, btw ... thanks!

2007-02-10 09:38:56
6.   Bob Timmermann
I thought you had an autographed baseball from Nap Rucker?
2007-02-10 11:30:25
7.   vockins
Jeez, I drive by that wall twice a week!

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