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2007-02-12 21:10
by Bob Timmermann

The San Diego Padres signed 22-year old right-handed pitcher Cooper Brannan to a minor-league contract. Brannan is a former Marine who lost his left pinky during a tour of duty in Iraq.

And now...

Page two...

Recently retired pitcher Troy Percival of the Angels and Tigers decided that he wanted to give something back to his college alma mater, UC Riverside. So Percival decided to donate a new clubhouse to the baseball team.

But for Percival, he just didn't write a check....

Let's talk about UC Riverside, a school founded in 1954, although back in 1907 it was the state's agricultural research center for citrus. Its teams are called the Highlanders, although its logo features a bear.

Page three...

Percival decided not to rely on contractors to build the clubhouse. Instead, he did the work himself, estimated at over $100,000 in labor and materials.

And now you know the rest of the story!

UPDATE - The San Diego Union-Tribune says the ex-Marine is named Brandon Cooper.

2007-02-12 21:39:43
1.   Greg Brock
Bob Timmermann...Good Day!
2007-02-12 21:41:15
2.   Greg Brock
Also, Gladys Peterson of Monmouth, New Hampshire thought this article was great. And she loves her Citracal!
2007-02-12 21:59:42
3.   Andrew Shimmin
It's a little unseemly to grab up all the possible audience participation Paul Harvey shtick, there, Brock. I wanted to play to!
2007-02-12 22:02:45
4.   Greg Brock
3 Sorry, Andrew. Really.
2007-02-12 22:08:45
5.   Bob Timmermann
This is ... Monday!
2007-02-13 05:19:41
6.   vockins
Troy Percival drove off of a parking garage?
2007-02-13 08:16:39
7.   Sushirabbit
I'm sure Mo Vaughn contributed to the renovation of Heavenly Bodies.
2007-02-13 08:59:43
8.   Bob Timmermann
And that little link that nobody clicked on ....

has been fixed!


2007-02-15 07:31:20
9.   Richard
General Steel could have built it -- well, if it weren't for the problems with fraud...
2007-02-15 15:55:05
10.   Orly Yarly NoWai
In the grand tradition of baseball-themed imitations, I humbly request You Asked For It! next.

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