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Baseball caps will no longer bleat
2007-02-19 20:14
by Bob Timmermann

Taking a page from Paul Lukas's estimable Uni Watch Blog, I pass on the news that starting this year MLB's official game caps will be made of polyester instead of wool.

"Wool isn't a performance fabric. ... This is really the first time we're departing from that. It's purely to make sure we're keeping up with the performance attributes," says John DeWaal, New Era's vice president of global marketing.

Doesn't being the title of "Vice President of Global Marketing for New Era" sound like some job title in a dystopian world?

A world where teams have to wear these new batting practice caps.

2007-02-19 20:46:45
1.   vockins
Isn't this the third horseman?
2007-02-19 21:07:32
2.   Jon Weisman
George Costanza is going to be thrown for a loop by this.
2007-02-20 00:27:13
3.   Cliff Corcoran
Hmm, interesting choice of the Tigers BP cap seeing as Lukas pointed out that Rogers wore a BP cap during games last year, perhaps in part because the black underbill helped him hide his magic goo. Almost makes me wonder if those stupid ear marks aren't in part to assure that players can't sub a BP cap for a game cap any more. Or maybe I've just gone way over the top conspiracy-wise.

The big question is, will the retro caps on the market still be wool, or will they too be changing fabrics seeing as a lot of them are also made by New Era?

2007-02-20 00:29:30
4.   deadteddy8
Does this mean people will have to stop performing hat surgery on brand new caps?
2007-02-20 00:37:27
5.   Bob Timmermann
I picked the Tigers BP cap because it was the first good picture that came up on Google.

If you want retro caps made of wool, I would suggest Cooperstown Caps.

2007-02-20 10:53:26
6.   Cliff Corcoran
5 I've had a number of problems with the Cooperstown Cap Co. They've sent me missized hats and hats with excessive errors (I get the hand-stitched thing, but there's a difference between charmingly imperfect and seriously flawed). I love them in theory, but they're not getting any more of my money.
2007-02-20 14:13:27
7.   Raf
6 True, true. I like their selection, but because of similar stories I've heard from others, I don't plan or ordering from them.

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