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Denny Matthews wins Frick Award
2007-02-22 13:32
by Bob Timmermann

Kansas City Royals play-by-play announcer Denny Matthews is the winner of the Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award for 2007.

Matthews has worked for the Royals since their inception in 1969 and has been their lead announcer since 1975.

He is one of nine announcers in Major League history to spend an entire career with one team for at least 35 consecutive seasons behind the microphone. The others are Vin Scully (56 years with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers), Jack Buck (47 with the St. Louis Cardinals), Jaime Jarrin (44 with the Dodgers), Phil Rizzuto (40 with the New York Yankees), Nuxhall (40 with the Reds), Bob Uecker (36 with Milwaukee), Richie Ashburn (35 with Phillies) and Mike Shannon (35 with Cardinals).

Scully, Buck, Jarrin, and Uecker have all won the Frick Award before and Rizzuto and Ashburn are in the Hall of Fame as players.

Nuxhall will still be working with the Reds this year although he is battling lymphoma. Mike Shannon is beloved in St. Louis for reasons which are unknown to people living outside of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

2007-02-22 16:02:31
1.   Eric Enders
Don't a few of those Mets announcers qualify as well? Maybe they were with other teams beforehand, I don't know.

I haven't heard much of Matthews, but feel like I have from reading so many of Bill James' comments about him.

2007-02-22 16:04:22
2.   Eric Enders
Upon further review, Kiner had one year with the White Sox and Murphy had a few years with various teams before the Mets.
2007-02-22 16:18:33
3.   bhsportsguy
Would like to try the Dodgertalk trivia question?
2007-02-22 17:25:25
4.   Gen3Blue
How did he beat the old red-head of catbird seat fame? I caught him on NPR every (friday? I think-and what a treat it was) He used to call in from Florida until a few years ago when he died.

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