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Wagner earns $2.35 million
2007-02-26 23:02
by Bob Timmermann

No, not Billy. He makes over $10 million.

It's Honus Wagner. The rare 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card fetched $2.35 million at auction. The seller, Brian Seigel, bought the card for $1.265 million for it in 2000.

It is believed that if you hold on to the card, you also turn invisible.

2007-02-26 23:26:49
1.   Greg Brock
I have a sweet Rance Mulliniks 1985 Topps in a garage somewhere. It's the one in which he's rockin' a killer 'stache. Also, he's sporting flip up shades and eye black

Let's start the bidding at $100

2007-02-27 02:28:11
2.   Eric Enders
I can top that. I have Rance Mulliniks himself in my garage somewhere. Bidding starts at $100.

Actually, he used to be my cousin's neighbor. Nice guy from what I hear. But he's not really in my garage. As far as I know.

2007-02-27 02:28:26
3.   Ryan Armbrust
I have about half the pieces to the Stan Musial Diamond Kings puzzle from the late 80's or early 90's. I believe that if you complete it, a rift opens in the space-time continuum and Bob Gibson hits you with a pitch.

Any offers?

2007-02-27 02:56:01
4.   Ken Arneson
I have one of these in my attic:

I know it's only selling for $10 on EBay, but that's only because people don't realize what a totally awesome item this is. It's Joe Morgan. On an soda can. A 1970s-style soda can! And the can is not a can yet! It's still a flat sheet of aluminum!

I don't understand why this isn't the most highly-desired piece of memorabilia in all of sports.

2007-02-27 02:57:58
5.   Eric Enders
3 And if you don't complete it, Bob Gibson hits you with a pitch anyway.
2007-02-27 07:26:46
6.   dianagramr
I have a single blade of grass taken from the Yankee Stadium field after the final game in 1973 (prior to its demolition and rebuilding).

That's GOT to be worth at least ... a buck?

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