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DirecTV speaks up for itself
2007-03-02 18:59
by Bob Timmermann

Chase Casey, president of DirecTV, defended his company's potential exclusive deal to carry Extra Innings.

"DirecTV will do for Extra Innings what we have done for other programming: transform a service that had enjoyed limited popularity when offered by multiple [distributors] into a fan's dream," Mr. Carey said.

Carey claims that only 230,000 Extra Innings subscribers were not on DirecTV and that only 5,000 of those people wouldn't be able to receive DirecTV.

It is not true that Carey has hired Kevin Malone to do the marketing for this deal. Nor has Carey decided that Mike Piazza cannot appear on any DirecTV programming.

Link via BTF

UPDATE - In the letter Carey wrote to the FCC, the deal was described as done, but DirecTV has backed off on that.

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times has his take on Carey's claims.

2007-03-02 19:17:54
1.   dianagramr
(silently shaking my head)
2007-03-02 19:43:59
2.   Icaros
Why do they have to monopolize the market to make their service a "fan's dream?" If they're going to air all the games in HD (as the article states) and add a new highlight/news channel, then DirectTV's superior service should compel people to choose to switch from the lesser cable product.

Isn't that the way it's supposed to work?

2007-03-02 20:00:26
3.   Bob Timmermann
Do you remember how Chase Carey was going to bring his keen management style to the Dodgers too?

Carey has long been a master of duplicity. It probably explains how he got to the top of the corporate ladder.

2007-03-02 23:18:26
4.   LAT
I wonder who the other 299,999 people are.
2007-03-03 06:06:06
5.   Gen3Blue
Of course Carey's at the top of the corporate ladder, he has that way of telling you a slap in the face is going to feel good and be good for your complection.
2007-03-03 18:31:09
6.   misterjohnny
Disclaimer: I work for Directv.

Have you seen the stuff Directv has done with Nascar Hot Pass? Even a non race car fan would watch.

NFL Sunday Ticket? The red zone channel. Shortcuts where you can see the whole game in 15 minutes. You can enter your fantasy players and keep track of their stats during the games.

Directv already has the Jeter Cam, the camera dedicated to a single player (theoretically it changes) every inning on the YES network.

Chase Carey is right, Directv can make the package a lot more than just rebroadcasting the feeds from RSNs. It doesn't make sense for Directv to do that unless they can get critical mass into the package.

Besides, Directv just outbid cable for it. The ire should be directed at MLB for choosing to follow the NFL's path.

2007-03-04 11:23:25
7.   Icaros

Sounds great. Too bad I don't want that ridiculous dish.

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